War Thunder

When you think about it, War Thunder isn’t really a good game.

warthunder 5 - When you think about it, War Thunder isn't really a good game.

inb4 "why do you play it", yeah it can be fun and I like looking at incredible tank/plane models, shoot me.

There are so many things wrong with this game. It's obvious, but when you put it all together, you have to wonder how it even got out of beta. Let's list some:

The game modes are terrible. There is no other way to say it. Everything is basically a team death match. Doing the "objective" is pointless 90% of the time, except for capping points in GF and bombing bases sometimes in Air. The vehicle diversity in this game is USELESS.

Speaking of which, lots of interesting and cool vehicles can't be used properly because the game mode and the maps don't allow it. Take the open-top tank destroyers – why play them at all? After one kill, the enemy can instantly jump into a plane (AB or RB, it is slightly harder in RB but still extremely easy to get SP) and strafe you down. You are dead after the planes start to spawn. Now, it's good that planes are a natural counter to tanks, as it should be… but the stupid amount of CAS in GF RB is not even fun. Spawning a plane should take way more skill, more SP and effort by the player if he wishes to fly, and furthermore, every bad flying should be punished. Suicide bombing is valid, okay, but it's just stupid in a long run. No one profits from this kind of gameplay.

Air? Welcome to climb thunder, where you can climb for 10 minutes, then proceed to get lost in a magical cloud, die in mysterious head-on ramming circumstances, get absolutely demolished as a bomber/attacker without ever having a chance to reach your objective. Seriously, who thinks this is fun at all?

Stuff like howitzers, long-range powerhouses, light tanks have no place in this game. The objectives are shit, it all brings down to a) can you pen the enemy b) can I move where i can pen him. It's, again, a simple death match game where you don't fight as infantry, but tanks and planes. The only difference is you need movement skill in air and strategy for movement through ground maps to reach the enemy and outsmart him to kill him. Oh, wait, that brings me to the next point.

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The maps suck. They are terrible and we need community made maps. I am sick of knife-fighting distances and urban environments which were deadly for tanks IRL. The bases for capturing are put in stupid places and they often have no real correlation to the whole map's flow. Take a look at the Vietnam map – half of that map is unused. Aside from being utterly broken, the points are all in a straight line, making it again a 3-lane MOBA experience. Jesus Christ, how uninspiring. The environments often don't make sense, historical or natural, whatever – fighting around pagodas in Japan? Really? And when we do get some more open maps… well surprise surprise, you drive around through that open field for a few minutes just to reach another city. Fuck. That.

I'm not even going to mention other stuff, completely terrible economy (I think we could play this game without any kind of currency besides RP and GE), penetration problems, flight models, completely destroyed assist/kill counter which no longer grants assists for some pretty ridiculous stuff, the unbalanced BRs, server issues, nonexistent effort with tournaments…

The core gameplay is rotten. There needs to be a drastic change regarding gameplay first, not adding this or that vehicle. When you compare WT to some other online shooter, what can you say? You shoot bad guys to win. That can be simple enough and be awesome, like Counter Strike. But here? You have planes and tanks and boats doing the same, but it doesn't work the same like CS because the whole idea of vehicles is much, much different than a single guy with a rifle. And we have some many features that move us to the war simulator genre, but when all is considered, they don't do much. We're playing cage death matches with slight variations and it is bad. People are suggesting a lot of ideas, but none of them are even considered.

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