War Thunder

(WIP) M1128 Stryker

warthunder 5 - (WIP) M1128 Stryker

UPDATE 0.1.0: WIP: M1128 Stryker

yvfjz76qa2051 - (WIP) M1128 Stryker




I can't want for Gaijin to add one so I'm pulling from an abandoned project I did back during sophomore year of College. Also I think that the US kind of need a wheely boi like the Type 16 and Centauro MGS as an alternative to the Abrams.


What is the model of the tank will be based on?

To be honest, I don't have much physical access to the tank so I have to use pictures from the internet as reference of modeling. It will be heavily based on the model in Battlefield 3 as it is one of the only readily available 3D reference I have. I would be welcomed if anyone can provide me with more detailed one as the textures of the one in BF3 is quite low res and outdated for modern standard.

The modeling process and the overall skeleton structure of the tank will be based on the current Type 16 model in the Japanese tech tree, as I think it is probably one of the closest candidate when compared to the M1128 in fighting capability and damage model.


What is the performance of the tank will be based on?

As much info as I can find from the internet. Currently I'm struggling in term of finding a source for its armor, so anyone willing to provide me a source for its armor, I would be glad to take it as a consideration. Official documents as primary source please. It will be based on later Strykers MGS so please don't give me outdated source.


What do you have right now?
A 3 years old half done model of the turret and couple of basic researches for its performance.


I need as many source as possible, specially about the armor profile. Also, inputs from veterans who worked with the M1128 in the past are extremely welcomed. I'm trying to convert as many realistic feature about the MGS into the game as possible.

Some basic info I have right now:
Mass: 18.77 tonnes (without slat armor package)
Engine: Caterpillar C7 with 350 hp but I'm modeling the later Stryker so it should use Caterpillar C9 with 450hp
hp/t: 18.5 with C7 engine, 23.97 with C9 engine
Transmission: 6 Gears forward, 1 backward
Top speed: 60mph (96km/h)

Gun: M68A1E4 (Basically M68 cannon on the M60/ early Abrams with muzzle brake and autoloader)
Stabilizer: 2 planes
ROF: 6rpm
M900 APFSDS(Please, somebody find a source about it actually use it, or performance of the round if possible)
M456A3 HEAT,
M393A3 HEP-T


My post on Live


What in the download is the WIP fairly low poly turret I have right now. It is heavily based on the one in Battlefield 3. I got a bit further now. If there is enough interest into the vehicle I will put more effort into making it better.

Thank you

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