War Thunder 2

Wt and the cheats a long story of love and lies from Gaijin

warthunder 7 - Wt and the cheats a long story of love and lies from Gaijin

Long story short, i was , i am member of a top rb clan, i was in TYT PROMO and many other clans, 60% if not more (probably more if we include alt accounts wich every clan use in abbundance) all cheat. I can testimony that as member of those clans and having used cheats myself with impunity for years, so all my current and past members and they all still there.

So in 19.1 you will see all this superclans with people like Datgoose (yeah he use overlay too) fall like flyes they litterally cant play anymore withouth cheats they soo used to have them, that they lost the skill to play withouth, so will be really interesting to see all this russians clans fall.

Also expect a huge portion of the players to drop in numbers.

People also tend to understimate how powerful those cheats are, They mainly used in tank rb and air rb, they give you way more precise aim reticle then ab, even better then radar guided since you can tweak them for bullet speed, drag, ping corrections etc.

They allow you to use rockets and bombs like you are in arcade, plus the obvious esp, wallhack, that load air targets and tanks even thrue the entire map or thrue clouds up to 25000mt away (25km)

On top of that you can set aim for specific parts of tanks/airplanes, frontalplate, turret ring, turret etc (so in planes allow to snipe pilot incredibly easy in frontals, i bet this is a common experience that many got facing top rb clans in squadron battles, this clans always won every frontal…)

Also if gaijin wanted to detect it was very easy, the cheat not have any kind of hidden feature , it require wt to run in 32bit windowed screen (so easy to corner the users, since there is no real need to run client in 32bit windowed for 99,9% of the users beside using the cheat)


Actually cheating is mandatory pretty much for be in a top clan (wich are mainly russians btw) they ask you strait and directly, do you cheaT? if you say no, unless you are an incredible player they not take you, since every clan use them you are considered a liability, a disadvantage. So playng with those clans i was forced to use waroverlay. And i bet there is many other people who share my experience in that sense.

Dont listen to the bullshit Gaijing say about bla bla euristic shit, i used waroverlay for 4+ years, never got caught, the idiots who get banned constantly are people who stupidly aim from 2km, track people thrue walls and do evident things like that in fairly new accounts.

If you use it discretely, with low aim speed sensibility as many of the experienced people do, you never get banned. We found also that since those bans are 99,9% made manually, unless you are blatantly cheating you never got banned expecial if you are an old player lev 100, with thousands of games and a lot of $ transactions (whoever pull the ban, very rarely ban such a player considering them good and worth keeping even if suspected, pretty much the reviewer dont have enought skill to determ if a kill is legit or not unless is super evident)


In the waroverlay forum you can find thousands of users (even if community is 70% russian) and hundreds of them sayng yeah i use it since x years , just dont use it blatantly and you are fine. If you compared how big this community is, to the bans of gaijin you will realize that they where pretty much tryng to dry an ocean with a spoon.

Majority of cheaters dont get banned, they simply pre-aim to where you will be, or when you exit, and is hard for you or for who review the replay to understand that they cheat. Again the banned ones are noobs a fractions, wich did impossible shots thrue 433489034 trees or follow a target thrue walls (you dont need to visually follow someone ) thats common mistakes.

ah also the cheat being an overlay was invisible to broadcasting, so they could twich , youtube stream it with impunity with obs etc.

I am glad of 19.1 since i never liked cheating i was forced due to remain competitive in squadron battles, i was and i am a very good player even withouth so see all this people fall will make me smile hard.

example of cheater testimony he use it with impunity:

y413r09d49j31 - Wt and the cheats a long story of love and lies from Gaijin

the settings of the cheat

gs0ytz2i59j31 - Wt and the cheats a long story of love and lies from Gaijin


How cheaters see you from 25km away, thrue clouds etc

3b116jmf69j31 - Wt and the cheats a long story of love and lies from Gaijin

War overlay is the most used but of course there is at list another 5 aims with similar esp/aim, even if overlay was the most tweakable.


a little add:

Who used the cheat itself reconize other cheaters also, i can reconize in some youtubers video of kill streaks the particular aim shake of the aimbot or the aim switching involountarly from 1 target to another just becouse a plane crossed your line of sight and the aimbot went to the nearest target… this is a very non natural movement, nobody have the reaction time to switch aim for a plane that is crossing your visual at 600/kmh that you didnt expect, unless you are shroud.

Also the hack tell you when someone is pointing his cannon at you, so you can clearly see another cheater following you with his aim thrue a hill or walls or km away 🙂

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  • Reply
    Jan 10, 2020 4:40 pm

    Hello, War Thunder is dead. EAC does not work, I suppose it was never intended to. Cheating in RB and especially in clan battles it is worse than ever. During a few days when the cheats had to be adjusted my clan beat every one out of the TOP50 including PROMO, SQ, THC and the like.
    During 3 days we stormed to place 14. They were incredibly stupid… and almost no planes in the sky…
    But now they know that Gayin wont ban them they cheat worse than ever, the servers stutter by the overload.
    War Thunder is dead. I am sad, it was a nice game and good . True and just Clan Games could be super. But Gayin is more interested in easy money.

  • Reply
    May 17, 2020 11:52 am

    In War Thunder there are way to much Pilot-kills in RB and AB, which are very suspect of aimboting.
    Alone that i was 3 times behind killed because of a Pilot-kill it most likely confirms that there are many cheaters in War Thunder.

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