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1hkfhpwprkt51 - WZ-111


WZ-111 is a Chinese heavy tank prototype. The turret of this vehicle was made, but was not fitted due to mechanical issues. As such, I will fully understand if anyone is against its addition due to this fact. Due to it not reaching the complete prototype stage, it could potentially be an event or premium vehicle, similar to the E-100, but seeing as China lacks non-copy paste heavy tanks, I am leaning towards it being a tech tree vehicle.

Regardless, I would like to suggest it as this is one of the only unique heavy tanks China could get. This would be at an undetermined battle rating in the Chinese ground forces tree.


In the 1950s, China had received around 200 IS-2s from the USSR, which were the only heavily armored tanks it operated until production of the Type 59 began in 1959.

6kgox0zqrkt51 - WZ-111

IS-2s on parade in Beijing

While light tanks were being developed further, such as the 59-16 light tank, there were no developments ongoing for a heavy tank. In 1960, the Soviet Union withdrew its technical staff from China due to increasing hostility between the two nations, making China have to rely on already existing technical knowledge for future development. On October 19, 1960, the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense officially issued the design requirements for a heavy tank, to be known as WZ-111. The goal by 1963 was to make a tank that was better than the IS-2 and T-10, and capable of taking on modern threats.

The tank was to be armed with a 122mm Y-174 rifled gun, most likely a modified version of the Type 60 field gun, itself a copy of the Soviet D-74. The armor used a slight pike shape at the front, and made heavy use of angles in order to bounce incoming rounds, most likely derived from the IS-3 and T-10. Mobility was supplied by a supercharged V-54 engine, producing 750 hp.


But, as with other nations, China realized the heavy tank's time had passed. Between new sabot projectiles, ATGMs, and the main battle tank fulfilling all roles of the three tank types, development stopped in 1965, along with a host of other issues.

WZ-111 hull testbed


Crew – 4

Mass – 44-46 tons

Length with gun forward – 10.6m

Width – 3.3m

Height over the turret roof – 2.4m


Main armament:

  • 122mm Y-174 (32 rounds)

Secondary armament:

  • Type 59T 7.62mm machine gun (2,500 rounds)
  • Type 54 12.7mm machine gun (400 rounds)


Engine – 12-cylinder, supercharged diesel 750 hp (390 kw) P/w 12.5 kw/t

Speed – 50km/h (with 750 hp engine, the 520 hp one used on the test bed could only go 35 km/h)

Hp/t ratio – 16.33hp/t (or 12KW/t)

Ground pressure – 75.1 Kpa

Suspension – Torsion bar


Technical data on the tank






w6v4ali1tkt51 - WZ-111






Prototype gun




(video on the outside and inside of the tank)








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