365 days of Secretframe

Warframe2 - 365 days of Secretframe

A few days ago I reached my 365 login milestone after ~3 years in this game. Since I usually bring up the secrets and level design that are prevalent in Warframe whenever the game is brought up, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to feature some of those that I have found over the years. They are but a fraction of the things in the game and the actual secrets that are accessible through normal means, still they are fairly interesting on their own.

Usually I encourage people to explore on their own. Just keep in mind, glitch-hunting is fun and all and it also helps the devs fix stuff, but sometimes they can impact a mission. And since this is an online game, at that point they can be used as exploits, so make sure to report them if that's the case. Tl/dr, explore responisbly. Also only explore in Solo mode or with friends, you have all the time in the world that way and no mission to care about.

After some thought, I decided to post stuff from pre-reworked Earth. For one, because these are no longer accessible in game and were also reported in the map wholes on forums a few months before the rework (they are more of a history memento at this point, they are also proof that the devs fix stuff eventually so my 50+ pics-post wasn't a waste of time). Secondly, since DE never did anything more with them in the rework and I'm all about tileset appreciation, assuming they no longer exist in the game you can at least witness them partially (more detailed pics are gone alongside the old hard drive, F).

lQjfrjd - 365 days of Secretframe

This one is an unused room that you could once find in an Earth spy vault. Perhaps the most blatantly obvious map whole I have ever found, if noone else has seen this I'll be very surprised. All parts of it were solid and interactable, you can even see that it had textures for the most part. Had no purpose however and was kinda cut-off from the rest of the vault. Also led nowhere else, just off the map.

UstNa12 - 365 days of Secretframe

As I like to call it, the Pit of Doom. Fully walkable, with MANY (emphasis on many) interesting stuff around it that I no longer have the pics for. Two-three uniquely shaped buildings with full texture work plus one with 2 large fans and foliage could be found around this, all of them traversible. A LOT of work for something that you could never normally see and they weren't even reusable assets, I've never seen them used anywhere else, not now and not then. The inside of the pit goes down for quite a bit until it leads to a tileset that has since been reworked (and thus cut access to it, assuming this part is even preserved in the reworked game files).

k0wGwzT - 365 days of Secretframe

Only accessible through a specific map whole that was removed after the rework. Do you see the trees? Well all of them had textures and were actual solid designs, also none were copy-pasted, each tree had its own shape. If you think I'm joking, every little branch had its own mass, making attempts to climb them very difficult. In fact, in this pic my warframe is standing on what was once the tallest point in any Earth tileset (a reworked tileset features a secret room that holds that title now, look out for it, it has caches and stuff), a tree would rise up way above the others and you could stand on that peak after a lot of trial and error of jumping and gliding (first attempt took me over 1 hour and the mission failed due to the inherent timer, did this on the second try). I think the patch on the right had water for the sound effects or some other reason.

Anyway here's your Warframe Tileset Museum Tour for the day. Here's to more Secretframe years, cheers o/

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