5 Reasons why Sony buying Leyou/DE/Warframe could be good for the game

Warframe9 - 5 Reasons why Sony buying Leyou/DE/Warframe could be good for the game

Apart from 1, these are in no particular order.

5. More funding

Sony is obviously a much bigger company than Leyou and therefore they can afford to increase the funding for Warframe. More funding results in a better game (most of the time at least).

4. Better management

We have known for a while now that Digital Extremes does not have very good management and tends to jump from project to project, often not completing one, as seen with the 3rd Orb mother, dark sectors and raids. With such a major company taking over that has experience in gaming and has at the very least overseen thousands of games, I hope that DE's management, both internally and of the game, improves.

3. More PS4 advertising

WE don't know exactly how it works but Sony may give free advertising to Warframe updates if it comes under their control, on PS4 at least. Whilst this may not directly benefit the player base as a whole, we are likely to see a larger amount of PS4 players which not only improves the game's overall popularity but it also gets more money for DE which results in better updates for the entirety of the community.

2. Quicker PS4 updates, perhaps on par with PC

Currently, all updates need to be reviewed by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo before being released to their respective platforms. With Sony in charge, this process will likely speed up on PS4, perhaps even making it viable to ship updates with both PS4 and PC at the same time. If that happens then it tremendously increases the chance that cross-save (and even crossplay) can and will be developed sooner, even if it's only with PS4 (which is anyways the most popular console of the 3).


1. It isn't Tencent

I don't think I need to explain much more but for those out of the loop I'll give some insight. Tencent tends to turn games into cash grabs, they try to make mobile versions and spin-offs for maximum profit. They try to sue people who don't like their games. They make shitty rip-offs of other games. All of that is just a maybe in terms of if it will affect Warframe. The one thing that is an ever-constant fact is that Tencent is backed, funded and sells our data to the Chinese government. I can guarantee you there will be a massive boycott if Tencent wants to buy Warframe. There's nothing we can do but this game is doomed if Tencent ever acquires it.

Bonus: Why it is very unlikely Sony buying Leyou will be detrimental to the game.

I've seen and heard that some people have worries that Sony acquiring will actually be detrimental to the game. I highly disagree with that mindset and I'll explain why. First of all, the positive factors I mentioned above. Secondly, people worry that Sony will gate of content or make Warframe a PS4/5 exclusive in the future. Sony isn't dumb guys, they realise that Warframe was born on PC, lives on PC, and will eventually die on PC. The majority of the players, including the content creators, are on PC. They would lose so much free advertising by making it an exclusive. Not only that, but DE would also have significantly less funding/money that they earn, I would expect only ~30% of the revenue they currently earn. Sony knows that it is in no way viable to make Warframe exclusive. Ppl will still say they did it with other games but they weren't as old. Warframe has 7-8 years of history on many different platforms uprooting that would uproot the game.

As this post shows, I genuinely believe that Sony acquiring Warframe will help the game. Also, to all the people who think DE shouldn't be selling at all, it is up to their parent company, Leyou. I doubt they have much say in it. Also, Leyou is 26 days away from being sold, I don't think they are legally allowed to back out of their auction so it is inevitable either way.

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