A big fat list of QoL changes

Warframe10 - A big fat list of QoL changes

(Check the bottom paragraph as well)

Universal Medallion is useless and too rare. Make it work on Conclave and make it worth 3 or 5k.

Universal Vaccumn. C'mon DE even if it's literally 5m and even if using the mod makes it the same as what it is rn. Give the players a little UV, as a treat

Valence fusion on railjack weapons and possibly rivens. Reduces grind and gives meaning to RNG stats that would make people instantly sell something

Reworks. Nyx and Chroma are needing them most rn.

Hema grind. First of all, the cost should be 10x less and Mutagen should drop more. I know they've said it would be too unfair for clans/people that have made it already. Here's what you can do to make it slightly fairer. Give a certain amount of platinum to the clan vault depending on the rank of the clan, refund the mutagen to the players (if not possible then to the clan vault) and depending on how much a person donated then they can get platinum, a riven, legendary core, boosters, etc. These are just ideas ofc but I hope this happens.

Detonite/Fieldrons/Mutagen. Please reduce the time to build from 12h to 6h at least and also make them reusable. This is such a big pain, especially with railjack and Cy.

System explanations. This could come as a small "i" in a box and literally any small explanation to how stuff works would be incredibly useful.

Friendship doors. Very annoying and unnecesary that breaks the flow of the game.

Dual toxycyst. Make it like the knell so it becomes automatic after it's buff.

Small Warframe buffs. I know this has been done before in a previous update where 15 warframes were tweaked and buffed. Every day loads of ideas are posted to reddit. The amount of ideas is insane

Stop. The. Ghoul. Event. Messages.

Show the names of requiem mods. Its really annoying to have to hover over it every time.

Let us rearrange our colour palletes in whichever order we want.

New players should have to be solo the first time they do a boss. Not rly QoL but they should experience the boss themselves.

Razorback ciphers and fomorian disruptors should auto-equip like the omni tool. Also applies to infested catalyst/eidolon phylaxis.

Show which dragon keys are equipped out of mission as well.

Have an “Only show owned” in the Arsenal.

Show “Mastered” on parts for a weapon/frame that’s been mastered during void missions. Also show what parts you have for the final prime item.

Give hosts more power in railjacks. Im sick of players starting a new mission or going back to the drydock when I want to do the opposite. What DE can do so clients aren’t held hostage is once a mission is complete, accessing the navigation as a client gives you the option to leave the squad and keep your rewards.


Let Lenses be swappable on the go instead of having to destroy every time you change.

Either direct access to the Simulacrum or a Simulacrum in the orbiter.

Make the symbol to show a mod is equipped more obvious.

Show the amount of charged/hacked lures in eidolon bounties.

Show Nightmare missions in the alert area.

Let us de-level mods and avionics.

Reduce/Remove the health drain in Arbitrations when picking up revive tokens.

Give the choice to make certain colours not change when doing “Pick random colours” on weapons/frames.

Reduce/remove the trade credit tax or atleast the 1 million credit one.

Have an indicator that a prime item is currently vaulted during trade and trading for ducats.

Make energy leeches more obvious.

Stop forcing the player to pet their cat/dog whenever they’re close it can be rly annoying

Dont make shadows of the dead be affected by renewal. Too much energy drain for Oberon.

Give players the ability to move rooms in the dojo without having to destroy them.

Increase door opening speed like in the railjack.

Please reduce what Darvo offers to make it actually good/useful.

Not QoL but bring back Halloween event or something similar.

Make WF abilities and AoE weapons less effective on allies during a rad proc.

As a wise man once said. When ghoul saw DE? When ghoul saw DE? WHEN GHOUL SAW DE? WHEN GHOUL SAW DE?

Make the Simulacrum UI/spawner remeber the initial number of enemies instead of adjusting every time you kill/add enemies.

Make Cetus Wisps easier to get.

Let us pop our space pimples before theyre finished growing.

Let us use Soaktron in normal missions for the memes.

Redo Warframe passives. Most of them are useless.

Make pet/Sentinel damage actually good.

Improve grind for kavats.

Let us decorate our railjacks, even if the decorations lose collision during missions.

Make corpus and infested affinity better/similar to grineer.

Reduce base equinox grind.

Give grendels 2 a ui change similar to Titania’s recent one.

I also think that every 3 months they should have a Dev Workshop where they have QoL changes. Perhaps DE could also have QoL suggestion threads a month bfr the Dev Workshop so they can add them to the list that they already have. That’s all I have for now but I’ll add more if I think of them/some are recommended.

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