A drop rework concept

Warframe7 - A drop rework concept

Its no secret there is disagreement between the devs and the community on the topic of univac and for good reason.

Why univac needs to happen

  1. Fuck picking up every god damn nano spore and fuck missing nanospores just because you where playing zephyr and weren't rolling on the ground like a fucking grendel.
  2. Even when a mod isnt new we need i picked up for the endo value at the very least and sometimes its worth picking up for trading.
  3. Do you really need a third option?

Why the devs are hesitant

  1. Energy economy is a thing and for frames without internal energy mechanic orbs are the primary source for energy making them too easy to pick up deviates a gameplay element the devs believe add something to the game.
    1. health orbs while much more rare also fall into this as well
  2. Ammo economy while not relevant on most guns is semi important to others
  3. Do they really need a third reason there is a reason they are devs they know what they are talking about.

So when neither party is wrong while disagreeing we need to discover entirely new ways to make both parties right. This is where reworks typically come into play. When a frame is argued to be over powered by some and argued to be boring by others and argued to be niche by others that frame gets reworked. Today we are going to discuss reworking how drops themselves work in Warframe.


Drops 2.0 theoretical patch notes

  1. Energy orbs: Drop as they did before with now a 5m vacuum
  2. Health orbs: Drop as they did before with now a 5m vacuum
  3. Ammo: All ammos are now universal ammo each weapon is instead granted a number on how much it gains from an ammo box. This serves to reduce drop clutter while also granting devs an additional tool in their balance box when tweaking weapons to let them buff or nerf its pick up economy. Abilities that drop universal ammo containers can be granted strength based multipliers that improve the quantity of ammo in the container. Now has a 5m vacuum
  4. Mods you have already obtained are auto picked up. Mods that are new to you drop as they did before but now have a map waypoint marker to notify you of a new mod. Now has a 10m vacuum for new mod pickups
  5. Endo container drop rates increased and are auto picked up by all party members
  6. Blueprints still drop as they did before but now also have a marker and now has a 10m vacuum
  7. Affinity orbs are simply added to all party members affinity as the mechanic for them is out dated. While we considered removing them as they accomplish so little we figured it doesnt hurt to let you keep getting them so auto deposit was the way we went.
  8. All resources are now auto deposited to the players.
  9. The mod vacuum now adds range to the range of vacuumed items similar to how the reach mod was changed to simply add range to the melees range.

Upcoming changes

  1. Ammo and energy/hp orbs will be gaining a merge feature where orbs dropped close to each other will be able to pull into each other and create a larger singular pickup
  2. Mod map markers will be gaining color coded icons and a name when you get close enough so you can know if you wish to ignore it.
  3. Protea and Lavos will be gaining updates to their abilities to make their universal ammo container buffs more impressive
  4. Rivens ammo mutation text will be adjusted to Ammo pickup

Known issues

  1. Half of the changes we mentioned dont actually work as described
  2. Hosts lose all drops after a host migration
  3. Kavats randomly turn into corpus crewman still using kavat animations
  4. Nekros Desecrate is currently acting as a 12x multiplier
  5. Nekros desecrate for clients is replaced with djinns fatal attraction.

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