A Glaive User’s Thoughts on the PTC Glaive Changes

Warframe3 - A Glaive User's Thoughts on the PTC Glaive Changes


I somewhat recently made a QoL/Plea post on glaives here and wanted to circle back on my thoughts on the changes in the Public Test Cluster. There isn't a feedback thread on the PTC subforum for the glaive so I thought I'd at least provide it here. There are a lot of changes, and many of them were undocumented previously, so I hope this answers some of your niche questions.


  • Glaives can now be thrown if caught in midair. REJOICE.

  • Charged throws can now be done in tandem or single wield.

  • Throws can be chained together by inputting another hold combo while the glaive is returning.

  • Tandem wield now uses your glaive's stance. Astral Twilight is a very strong stance with good multipliers and a variety of movement and AoE attacks, so I see this as a net positive. This is best if you like a Combo/Hybrid build for your glaive, as this doesn't benefit the throwing playstyle.

Charged Throws

  • The Heavy attack input while in pure melee mod is now gone, i.e. it does not initiate a throw. All throws are now considered heavy attacks and therefore benefit from heavy charge speed mods (Amalgam Organ Shatter, Killing Blow). With both mods equipped the glaive charges FAST, about 0.2s. Heavy attacks can still be used for ground slams as usual.

  • This charge time for the throw is much shorter than it was previously (even without the above heavy attack mods) and no longer benefits from attack speed mods. My subjective guess is that it's about 2-3x faster than the live charge time. Previously, you could speed up the charge with a Wisp mote or mods. Unfortunately, this caused problems, so I'm glad that's no longer an issue. Given that it's also inherently faster without mods, this should please basically everyone. As a plus, if you used Spoiled Strike, you don't have any AS penalty making this a good mod for budget builds. As mentioned above, the charge time can still be reduced with heavy attack speed mods if you want to throw glaives like a madman.

  • Charged throws don't really have a timing aspect to it. Previously you'd need to get a feel for the timing to trigger the empowered throw but now you just hold and it'll auto-release at the right time.

  • Explosion damage had no falloff now. It's listed as 0% in the arsenal and I'm trusting that's accurate. It is melting level 175 corrupted heavy gunners in the simulacrum but that was the case before with my build anyway.

  • The input for throws/explosions differs if you're in tandem wield or single wield. In tandem, the melee button is used for both the throw and explosion. In single wield, the melee button is used for the throw and heavy attack is used for the explosion. I believe this is the case because tandem wield needs the heavy attack button free for sidearm alt fire, but I think the single wield input should just be normalized with the tandem wield. This one is pretty subjective though, I can understand if some people would want the opposite.

  • Power Throw (the mod) adds 100% melee damage, stacking up to three times. This appears to stack additively with Pressure Point, but that's still a lot of free damage. The "consecutive throws" part refers to the chaining throws bullet above though. If you catch the glaive without throwing it immediately with an input, the damage bonus is dropped. Power throw will be a good contender for Glaive Prime which values high melee damage for slash procs, but the chain throwing requirement means you won't be spending much time doing much else if you want to use this.

  • I did not acquire or test the two new explosive mods. It would be worth learning if the explosions are considered a heavy attack or not, and therefore either expend combo or generate it. If it is the former, it would be amazing for heavy attack throw builds. If it is the latter, it may be better for heavy/combo hybrid builds.

All in all these are an amazing set of changes. The power level of the glaive class as a whole has gone way up as a result of actual numbers tweaks (explosion falloff, mods) and usability (charge time, midair catch and throw, chain throwing). There's still more to see regarding the new mods (Does it apply the glaives explosion or is it considered a attack? Is it a heavy attack or normal?) to determine if it has a place, but even without them the changes are absolutely welcome. It's really hard to understate just how fluid glaives feel chaining throws between bullet jumps.

Thank you for your time, and thank you DE for your work.

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