A message to DE

Warframe7 - A message to DE

I put this same message in the forums but I doubt I'll get seen on either of these.

A message to the people that kept me sane

(XB1)The 99th Raven


I didnt know where to put this, and honestly I know the people that this message is to will never see it. Thank you to the team at DE that has given me something that nothing else really has. An anchor. My name is Joseph and I've played your game across all consoles except switch. I've spent far more on this game then I've spent on almost anything else. Its second only to a car. I've played this game for as long as I can remember it being a thing. What you've given me was an anchor during some of the hardest times in my life. I was in the military for some time and wasnt really able to see my friends , but this game kept us all together and having fun no matter the distance.. When I left, I was lost. A 19 year old veteran with PTSD thrust back out into a world with no real way of knowing what I was doing. All I did was stay home and play warframe. It took a couple of months but finally I was able to reach a point where I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Through people in game and through friends I introduced through the game I was able to reach a point of stability with everything. Your story, your game.. it has been with me since I was still in school. I've grown up with my operator and warframe. You've given me safety in a game and its community that I didnt have out in the world. Your story has made me smile and cry and without it, I feel I would have been lost for longer then I was. I know none of you will ever see this but know that you all are in my hearts constantly. Thank you team for given this Tenno some hope.

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