A potential easy fix to the Mandachord Problem, just by adding a couple features.

Warframe10 - A potential easy fix to the Mandachord Problem, just by adding a couple features.

Let's be perfectly candid: The musical warframe is currently only capable of playing an 8 second song on repeat. Ask any player who hates Octavia, and they'll tell you the constant 8 second looping drives them insane.

But the answer to this problem isn't to make the minigame even more complicated to your average player with extra scales and fluctuating tempo. The mandachord is supposed to be a simple minigame and making it too complex is just out of the picture. What the mandachord needs is a fix that expands what it's capable of, rather than adding features it's not.

With that in mind, here is a 3-point fix to the mandachord that is basically guaranteed to breathe new life into the feature, while costing minimal development time.

Step 1: More bars

Octavia has two arms, but only uses 1 to make music. This suggestion is simple: Expand the bars from 4, to 8. A left grid, and a right grid.
Swapping between the two would be as simple as hitting a button that transitions the screen from focusing on one arm, to the other. Playback would be a toggle between One Arm, Both Arms, and Pause.

This would not fundamentally change the way Octavia works; it's simply a doubling of her playback script. The hardest part would be fluidly expanding the diagetic presentation of the mandachord, but I doubt that is a problem that can cause too much trouble.

Step 2: A SuperSequencer

This would be the most in depth change, but it's the lynchpin to making octavia less stale. Furthermore, it wouldn't be hard to implement.

Imagine a song. It has a catchy intro rhythm you like and want to capture. After spending a few listens to the first 30 seconds of the song, you isolate the rhythm to 6 basic musical statements of 16 notes each. It doesn't matter what they are, but we'll arbitrarily call them A, B, C, D, E, and F. The Mandachord with 8 bars of 16 notes means you could easily recreate this rhythm. But then you realize: the song repeats a few of them. In fact, the rhythm you want to replicate goes AAABCCCDEF. That's 10 bars. Your song is impossible.

Enter the super sequencer. Shove it on some other part of Octavia's body. It doesn't matter where. The super sequencer allows you to take your reconstructed bars, and sequence them in any specific order, as long as it fits the limits of what the sequencer can handle. You have a rhythm of the same 5 bars, repeated in a specific order that lasts the length of 20 bars? You can make it happen. Give the super sequencer a hearty length of 16, 24, maybe even 32, and suddenly you can craft damn near any popular tune using just 8 bars, arranged in a specific order. Your song length is equivalent to your bar count multiplied by 2. A 32 bar sequencer unlocks a minute-long song. Granted you'd have to use the same 8 bars, but I can already think of a few electronic tracks that are capable of working in those parameters. Add in the ability to mute as many bars of the sequencer you desire, and you can have a song anywhere from 1 second (using only 1 bar, but please don't do this) to 1:04 (using all 32) long.


The super sequencer would solve the most pronounced problem with the mandachord; that of the 8 second loop. There's only so many times a player can listen to the same 8 seconds before going insane. This fix would also be incredibly easy to implement. Currently, I am going to assume the mandachord (a sequencer in and of itself) stores your playback as a script. "These notes, in this order, using this instrument pack. Go." The super sequencer does not bypass this. Instead, it acts a superscript. It is a list of lists, a playback of playbacks. There would be almost no fundamental difference in how this works.

Step 3: In-Mission Tape Deck

You've been in this excavation mission for nearing 40 minutes. The tune is getting old, even if it's a full 1 minute long. Your ears are starting to drone. You wish you could pause and pick a different song.

Enter the Tape Deck. Who cares what body part it is. This one is extremely simple. And it uses pre-existing tech. Turn Amp (That's right – her ultimate ability) into a cycle ability. Allow Octavia to select 3-4 songs as part of her kit, and Amp can cycle through them using tap. Throwing out Amp proper would be set to Hold.

This would be as easy as adding a 3-4 storage bytes to hold on to her 3-4 song choices (As the fact that you can link any of your songs in chat from inside a mission means the game can always recognize your entire library of songs) and slapping the cycle mechanic on her ability just like what was done to Spectral Scream.

Bonus points to the intrepid octavia player who sets all of her songs in a specific order, so she can cycle through them carefully to play a whole 4-minute loop.

Octavia is a fun idea, drawn out over an agonizing amount of time. I adore this frame. She's the only frame i've ever dumped real $$$ on. Now is the time to revitalize her shtick. Make her moderately on par with, if not better than, Shawzins.

Octavia really does need some love in this specific department. Aside from that, she's perfect. All the best, DE.

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