A proposed Ember rework

Warframe14 - A proposed Ember rework

Ember just isn't good, guys. She was always mostly used for clearing trash mobs, but these days, that's her one and only purpose, and she's not even the best Warframe for it. I like the idea of a pyromancer frame and have always wanted Ember to be more useful. I think it's entirely possible to make her not only a highly effective DPS frame, but also a much more engaging and fun one to play, all without significantly changing the feel of her current kit. In my opinion, Nidus is the single best designed Warframe in the game, and I think the best way to go about reworking Ember is to essentially give her the Nidus treatment, with a secondary resource gauge called "Heat."

The Heat gauge fills over time (capping out at 100 units of Heat) whenever there is at least one enemy or ally on fire within 100 meters, including Ember. It additionally fills by 10 points whenever a fire effect is first procced on an enemy. The more fire procs, the faster the gauge fills. The Heat gauge is divided into three segments, and each one represents a different level of damage buff to all of Ember's fire damage. As long as Ember has at least one point of Heat remaining, she gains a 2x increase to all fire damage, at 33 points of Heat (1/3 full), she gains a 10x increase, and at 66 points and above, she gains a 20x increase. I imagine it goes without saying that her abilities will then consume this resource. Speaking of which, her abilities:

Incinerate: Replacing Fireball is a very similar, but much better ability which shoots a cone of fire in front of Ember, with a guaranteed fire proc. It consumes 25 energy and 25 Heat (when available; damage malus when not), deals a base of 500 damage, and has a range of 15 meters, with a cone diameter of 5 meters. If it is cast with less than 25 Heat remaining, it deals half damage.

Accelerant: Now that Heat has the job of increasing fire damage, Accelerant's new job is building Heat. This ability now applies an effect to enemies within a range of 20 meters which increases the severity of any status effects applied to them by 5% (scales with power strength) and causes those status effects to spread to any other enemies that they come within 10 meters of. It consumes 25 energy and no Heat, and has a base duration of 10 seconds. It also causes Heat to build twice as fast for its duration.

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Napalm: This is essentially the same as Fire Blast, but it now deals 400 damage, consumes 35 Heat and no energy, and leaves a pool of napalm, instead of a damage-boosting ring, which deals 30 dps (scales with power strength). Everything else is unchanged.

Self-Immolation: Here's the big one. The thing that makes Ember, Ember. The thing that was completely ruined in her rework. We're throwing out the current mechanics of World on Fire, entirely, while keeping it's ultimate effect the same, albeit significantly more potent. Self-Immolation now vents Heat continuously to light Ember, herself, on fire, at a rate of 10 points of Heat per second, consuming no energy, and creates an aura around Ember, with a radius of 15 meters, which deals 250 heat damage over the course of one second, but with no chance to proc fire. Heat cannot be continuously generated while draining it with Self-Immolation, but it can still be generated incrementally from the initial Heat generation that comes from the start of each fire proc.

Ignition: We're keeping Ember's passive the same, because it's already great, if you can be fucked to make effective use of it, and now, with Self-Immolation, it's easier to get proper use out of than ever.


Thermite: Replacing the nigh useless Fireball Frenzy is an augment which allows Incinerate to strip armor, permanently reducing it by 10% per cast (increases with power strength).

Flash Accelerant: This one is fine. I would prefer dropping the damage bonus in exchange for allowing the cast speed to also affect Ember, herself, but that's not a hill I'm willing to die on.

Ring of Fire: This new augment for Napalm adds back in the damage-boosting ring from Fire Blast.

Phoenix Fire: One thing all of the highest-performing Warframes have in common is at least a small amount of survivability in their kit. With this augment, while Self-Immolation is active, each burning enemy within Ember's Heat radius grants her 15 health per second, scaling with power strength. Additionally, Ember takes no damage from burn procs.

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That covers everything. I think these changes would take Ember from the designated trash disposal unit of Warframe to a powerful DPS frame, with much more engaging mechanics than she has now. Tell me what you think and give suggestions on how this could be better implemented in the comments.

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