A Railjack guide for. In depth and TLDR both versions included.

Warframe15 - A Railjack guide for. In depth and TLDR both versions included.


Hey there Tenno, Today I am attempting to bring you a beginner friendly railjack gamemode guide in order to get into/understand railjack better. This guide will not include where to farm what avionics, or what is the best place for farming resources, this guide is dedicated to people who want to understand railjack better and learn the basics. This guide is super long as there are so many things to explain, but i have added a tldr guide right at the beginning for people who just want to get the bare minimum. Let’s get started.



Best railjack build: (All mk3 parts) zetki shield array (passive: more damage without shields), vidar engines (-10% boarding party armor passive), vidar reactor (immunity after breach repair passive), zetki/vidar apoc front, zekti/vidar pulsar side, Tycho seeker

Best avionics: Void hole, Particle ram, Seeker volley, battle forge. Best Archwing Setup: Cyngas with status build and firerate, Amesha.

Quick Tips: Join squad if you’re new, and focus on engineering intrinsic, if you’re captain, focus on piloting intrinsic first (after getting all to at least 4). Use artillery to one shot crewships for easy kill (shoot glowy parts, not the sides or body)



Should I pilot my own railjack or join other people?

This is a common question if you are starting out for many people. This is a choice you should make yourself. But in order to make the choice, here are some things to consider

  • Railjacks are very weak at the beginning and missions will be relatively slow, but you get to learn more as you progress.

  • Railjack resources are not cheap either, unless you are running a booster your resource gain will be slow. Some resources like titanium are hard to farm early on without a proper upgraded railjack and also is required for late game railjack, so it’s better to save some.

  • If you want to pilot your own railjack, try to invest into Sigma MK3 parts for your railjack, they will be able to carry you through the entire star chart. If not, then research them. You need to finish the parts step by step. MK1 research unlocks MK2 and finishing that unlocks MK3.

  • Doing solo railjack as a beginner is not impossible, but be ready for a medium challenge if you are going to.

Final Verdict: My opinion, you should join other crews and let them help you out. Try to tell them you are new and hopefully they will help you out. But if you are adamant in piloting and maintaining your own railjack from the beginning then i suggest doing it with a squad, as it will make your life easier. Though it’s not impossible to do it solo either.


Before we go further there are some basics to learn. Railjack has a different xp system and looting system than the normal mode. In railjack, you share xp (no range limitations) as well as loot. So let’s say your teammate repairs the railjack, or kills an enemy, everyone will get the same xp. No matter where they are. Same goes for loot, any loot your teammate gets, the whole team gets.

The levelling system in railjack gamemode is called Intrinsics. There are 4 different categories of intrinsics at this moment. Tactical, Piloting, Gunnery and Engineering. There is a 5th one that is going to come named Command in the future which will be related to you commanding/controlling friendly NPCs in helping you maintain the ship (this is described to be targeted for mainly solo play, but will probably have viability in teamplay too).

Railjack has a special gear called Omni Tool. This is used for repairing the railjack and (with intrinsics) teleporting to the railjack has various types of gears and mods, but before we get to those we need to learn about variants of them. First of all, from your clan you can research Sigma variant gear for your railjack. From the clan you can research MK1 – MK3 gear (new levels unlocked after completing previous research), each being a noticeable upgrade from the earlier version.

Next we need to learn about the 3 houses. Lavan, Vidar and Zetki. The most basic thing you need to remember is, Lavan is mostly irrelevant (at the time of writing this guide), Vidar and Zetki are best performers.

Railjack in Your Dojo:

In order to find your railjack, go to your dojo’s Dry Dock. You can either go there normally or you could go to the menu, bring up fast travel, and go to the dry dock from there, which will put you in front of the railjack customization panel. In order to board the railjack. Follow the path to the right of the railjack console, and go down the ramp which leads to your railjack. You’ll see some airlocks/doors on your railjack and you’ll be able to interact with it, which will put you inside the railjack.

Railjack Customization Console:

The Railjack customization console has a total of 6 tabs.

Components Tab:

The first thing you’ll see is the Components tab with three categories. Shield array, engines and reactor. By default, once you are able to build your railjack, you will be given base sigma versions for your railjack.

Armaments Tab:

The next tab on the console is the Armaments section. Here you can choose weapons for your railjack. There are three categories here too. One for the Front turrets, one for the side turrets and one for your ordnance (secondary fire). When you first build your railjack you will be given the Sigma Apoc and Sigma Pulsar as your default weapons, aswell as the Tycho Seeker ordnance. Normally you need two different weapons for the nose turret and the side turrets. For example: If you have a Vidar Apoc on your nose turret, you cannot equip that same one on your side turret. You need another Vidar Apoc for your nose turret. The only exception to this is the base turrets you get after building your railjack.

Avionics Tab:

The next tab brings us to the Avionics Section. Avionics is basically what mods are to warframes. Slots are called Grids for the railjack. Upgrading your avionics or grids cost Diarac (similar to Endo but for railjack). Diarac is given as a reward for completing missions or dismantling avionics/gear gotten from railjack. Each grid can be upgraded upto 3 times (with scaling Diarac cost). Upgrading a grid increases avionic stats if it is placed in that grid. Think of it like an extra bonus to your mods.

There are 3 types of Avionics for your railjack.

Integrated Avionics: These avionics boost your railjacks stats. For example, more turret damage, more health and so on. You have a total of 9 grids for your Integrated Avionics. All of these are passive boosts.

Tactical Avionics: Tactical Avionics (under the integrated avionics, on the bottom right side of the screen) are avionics that are basically railjack utility based abilities. These gives various bonuses to your railjack, such as reducing the cooldown of your forge, putting out fires on your ship automatically, hiding your ship in cloak mode etc. To use Tactical abilities, bring up your tactical hud (default is Q) and it should be on the left side of the screen.

Battle Avionics: These avionics grant the railjack with offensive abilities. These include firing a tether, or a massive blackhole, or shooting a lot of heat seeking missiles and so on. These avionics are available for both the ship pilot and the side turret operators.

Forge Tab:

This is the tab that allows you to forge ammo and materials for your railjack. The first one is Revolite which is the ammo used for your omni tool. The 2nd is the Flux Energy, which is basically your railjack ability energy. The 3rd one is ordnance, ammo for your secondary fire. The 4th one is dome charges, ammo for your forward artillery.

Intrinsic Tab:

This is where you level up your intrinsics. You can also level up your intrinsics by going to the menu, equipment and then selecting intrinsics.

Railjack customization Tab:

This is where you can customize your railjack aesthetics. You can change the color, apply skins, rename your railjack in this section and so on.

Layout of the Railjack:

Let’s take a look at how the layout is of the railjack itself. The railjack can be divided into 4 main rooms

The Bridge/Front Section:

This is the frontmost section, where you are able to pilot your railjack. At the frontmost end of the room there is the pilot seat, which allows you to drive your ship and use the front turrets of the ship. You are also able to use Railjack abilities and ordnance that you are able to use. Front turrets and side turrets are not shared (other than the ones you get from the base railjack) and need to be equipped separately, meaning you need two individual weapon instances for the nose and the side turrets.

Behind the pilots seat is the Navigation panel. This allows you or your crew to select the next mission, or to return to the dojo (which is basically mission extraction).

Behind the navigation panel is Forward Artillery. If you have level 5 Gunnery Intrinsic or above, you are able to use this to fire a charged up Artillery dome shot. The ammo capacity of this is by default 5 (non upgradable at the time of writing this).

The Fuselage/Side Gunners Section:

This room is right after the Bridge section. In this section you have two side turrets that two of your crew members can operate. You only need to equip one set of side turrets, and it will work on both sides. There is also an exit to the railjack at the back of this room. You can interact with this to exit the railjack, which will automatically put you in your archwing and into space.

The Reactor Room/Middle Section.

This room is divided into 3 levels.

The topmost level has the reactor, and just behind the reactor (at the back of this floor) is the archwing slingshot If you have at least gunnery level 3, you are able to use this to propel yourself out of the railjack about 2.5k-3k meters in distance. With level 4 gunnery, you are able to penetrate crewships or destroy/damage regular ships by flying into them.

The middle level has one archwing exit at the back.

The bottommost level has nothing of significance, except the forge after it.

The Forge/Back Section.

This room is situated at the back of the ship. If you go down the reactor room and continue to go through the doors at the back (either a door on the left and on the right) you will come to the forge area. This has 2 forges each on both the left and right side of the room. The forges will glow according to the color of your railjacks energy, to indicate it’s ready to forge. Walk up to it and access it and a panel will open which will let you construct railjack resources on the go. Constructing something in the forge (one per forge) will put your forge on a 2 minute 30 second cooldown. Without Engineering intrinsic levelled up, you will only have access to forging Revolite (ammo for your omni tool). At level 2 Engineering you get the ability to forge Flux Energy (Basically railjack ability energy reserves). At level 3 Engineering you get the ability to forge Ordnances (secondary fire ability, like missiles and such). At level 5, you get the ability to forge Forward Artillery dome charges.


There is also a railjack exit at the start of this room.

Space/Outside the railjack:

In space you are able to use your archwing and archweapons and fly around freely. Your blink ability will teleport you about 500m. You are able to board crewships and enemy platforms/ships in your archwing.

Mission type:

Currently there’s only one type of mission, kill 30-90 enemy fighters and 2-6 crewships. Most missions also host one or at most 2 secondary objectives. (void anomaly missions being the exception with the anomaly objective sometimes making it a total 3 at most)


There are various types of fighters in the Railjack gamemode. I will not go into every single one of them as most of it comes down to “shoot them and they die” gameplay, but i will mention the outriders. They are ships that have “red glowing” shield generators on them, that will negate damage. Destroying them deals a chunk of their health.


Crewships are heavily armored ships. They can be destroyed by either boarding them with the archwing, or they can be killed using the forward artillery fire. If you are able to hit them in their engines (only the glowing part, sides may count according to some reports, but my personal experience has shown me sides are unreliable, but the engines are always a one shot) you are able to take them out in one shot. Otherwise it may take 2 or 3 shots to finish them off. To board a crewship, get in your archwing, go near a crewships backside, between the engines, and interact to get in. In the 2nd room, there will be a tower like structure in the middle, shoot it till it reaches 0 health and it will start ship detonation. There is no rush needed to escape, as even if you are inside when it’s destroyed it will put you in the archwing automatically. You can also use the archwing slingshot to directly penetrate a crewship and enter it with enough intrinsic Gunnery levels. Note: this will not destroy the crewship, rather will only let you infiltrate it faster.


Ramsleds are grineer lifepods that are fired from grineer crewships, or secondary objective platforms towards your ship. They contain grineer boarding parties, which will chase your ship like heat seeking missiles, and crash into you. Once you get boarded, the grineer will try to damage your ship from the inside. Occasionally, grineer engineers may plant bombs on your ship, which you will have to locate and disable. This does not happen that often in my personal experience. It is possible to destroy ramsleds before they reach your ship.

Cannon Battery:

These turret like towers are scattered around the battlefield on asteroids, secondary objectives and so on. They are not marked unless you are in close enough proximity to them.

Secondary objectives:

Most missions in railjack will host 1 or 2 secondary objectives you need to complete.

Disable The Asteroid Hangar: Get in, hack the console, destroy the radiator outside of the base (marked with red), get back in, hack another console, destroy 2nd radiator outside, rightside from the entrance, get on board the crewship. Destroying the crewship is optional (counts towards total crewship kill count of a mission).

Disable The Missile Platform: Fires missiles at players at 2500 meter radius proximity. Get in, hack the console, destroy the red marked objectives, destroy the radiator outside, hack another console inside, destroy red marked objectives, destroy 2nd radiator outside, hack another console.

Disable The Shipkiller Platform: Get in, hack the console, destroy radiator outside, destroy 1st core (middle of the big room near the 1st console you hacked), hack another console, destroy radiator outside, destroy 2nd core (big room near 2nd console).

Disable The Pulse Turbine: All enemy fighters in range get 50% damage reduction. Get in, hack the console, destroy the radiator outside, hack console, destroy 2nd radiator, destroy core inside.

Kill The Asteroid Base/Galleon Captain: Get in, find the captain (marked with red marker) and then kill him.

Anomaly Objective: Every two hours or so, for 30 minutes a node in veil proxima will spawn a sentient ship. If you go inside it, you will have to kill 20 sentients in order to finish the objective. Good place to farm shedu parts (very low chance), diarac and also umbra forma.

Hidden Objective:

Occasionally in the void proxima you’ll have a derelict spawn in (huge structure), which is not marked, unless you are very close to it. If you approach it there will be a portal that you go through to enter, which will be a new infested tileset. At the end is a console that rewards you. Has the chance to drop Spectra Vandal parts. This is not an objective that is required for mission completion.

Damage Type:

Damage works differently in Railjack. Damage types are different and already existing damage types from arch guns are converted into the new damage type.Here’s how your damage works:

  • Impact is Ballistic with status effect Concuss. Status Effect: Crew within a gunship have reduced aim and damage for 6 seconds.

  • Puncture is Plasma with status effect Decompress. Status Effect: Ship has reduced shields and armor for 20 seconds.(does stack)

  • Slash is Particle with status effect Tear. Status Effect: Ship receives 7.5% increased damage for 20 seconds. (does stack)

  • Cold is called Frost with status effect Immobilize. Status Effect: Ship weapons are disabled and it slows down to a complete stop.

  • Electricity is Ionic with status effect Scramble. Status Effect: Ship spirals erratically for 6 seconds.

  • Heat is Incendiary with status effect Sear. Status Effect: Ship receives damage over time for 6 seconds.

  • Toxin is Chem with status effect Intoxicate. Status Effect: Attacks any closest enemy and will be attacked in return for 12 seconds.

Any normal damage type not listed here contributes towards railjack status damage.

Weapon Descriptions:

Here is a weapon description of the weapons available (at the time of writing this guide).


Apoc Series: Rapid fire weapon dealing plasma and particle damage. Has High crit chance. Relatively slow projectile.

Carcinnox Series: Full auto weapon dealing Chem and Plasma damage. High fire rate, high status chance.

Cryophon Series: Shoots a Frost projectile, good crit and status chance, very low fire rate, low projectile speed, high burst damage.

Photor Series: Shoots a hitscan laser beam dealing Incendiary damage. Fast fire-rate, innate punch through, good crit and status chance.

Pulsar Series: Shoots hitscan bursts dealing Ionic and Plasma damage. High status chance, Good range, Low fire rate


Tycho Seeker Series: A heat seeking missile that deals a huge amount of blast damage. Very High crit chance but no status.

Milati Series: Fire a bunch of dumbfire rockets that deal blast damage to enemies. Good crit chance but no status.

Galvarc Series: Fires a hitscan laser that deals Incendiary Damage, can chain to up to 3 targets. Great status, no crit chance.

Railjack Builds:

Now that we finally know how everything works, we now will focus on railjack builds. I will not go into Integrated avionic builds, as they are (at the time or writing this) very simplistic and are very easy to understand, so it will depend on your choice. I will most talk about the Components and Armaments.

Before i start suggesting anything, these are all suggestions based off of MK3 components, they are the best and also provide extra passive bonuses (values based on RNG)


Shield Array: Zetki offers best choice, as it provides the best shield regen stats and a moderate amount of shield. Lavan gives the most amount of shield, while offering the worst shield regen stats. Vidar offers a balance of the two.

Engines: Hands down Vidar is the best choice here, as it provides the most increase to speed, but worst boost multiplier (which is not that important since boost works on total speed)

Reactor: Again, Vidar is your best choice, giving from 90-100 avionic capacity upgrade, while giving you the worst flux energy increase. Zetki offers the most flux energy while giving worst avionic capacity 70-80. Lavan offers a balance with 80-90 avionic capacity boost.

Nose Turret: Apoc is arguably the best as it deals damage buffing status. Carcinnox is also a popular choice. Cryophon is not a bad alternative either for burst damage.

Side Turrets: Pulsar or Photor is a good choice as they are hitscan weapons, and usually operated by clients rather than the host, meaning they will have ping disadvantage, which is countered by hitscans.

Ordnance: At the time of writing, Tycho Seeker is the best choice to go with, the rest are currently not strong enough to compete.

Notable Battle Avionics:

Void Hole: Shoots a projectile that keeps going until max range/reactivation, upon which it creates a massive black hole that sucks in enemies, dealing Frost damage over time. Great for late game mod/gear farm.

Particle Ram: Projects a ram made of energy at the front of the ship, a huge hitbox, deals damage over time. Does not need refreshing. Re-activating the ability shoots the ram in a forward direction. Particle ram carries over mission to mission without needing to refresh. Great choice for farming materials/combining with Void Hole.

Seeker Volley: Shoots a lot of heat seeking missiles that seek out enemies. Good at clearing low level missions super fast.

Notable Tactical Avionics:

Battle Forge: Reduces the cooldown of your forge.

Void cloak: Cloaks ship at the cost of engine speed.

Best Archwing: Amesha is the best as it gives you damage immunity with 1, as well as energy gain with 4, heal on 2 and a slow on 3.

Best Archgun: Cyngas is by far the best, followed by imperator vandal and velocitus.


I hope this guide is able to help you in everything related to the current railjack gamemode. Now go out there and embrace the space pirate life, Tenno.

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