A suggestion, adding passives to all thrown secondary weapons

Warframe5 - A suggestion, adding passives to all thrown secondary weapons

inspired by discussions on a prior post i've had an idea, a minor rework for all thrown pistols to give them unique effects and better tailor them to different play styles, perhaps even granting viability in end game to some..

note MK-1 versions are not included primes may have different effects or added effects*


  • Despair would be granted microfillament edge as a passive allowing them to punch through targets seamlessly increasing in damage the more targets they puncture, making despair more survival oriented/anti infested where the more targets there are near eachother the more damage you can pull


  • ah the kunai, first, and often considered worst of thrown secondaries, kunai would be simple and be given a multiplier like melee, the more kunai in a row you land the more damage they would do and increased crit chance.


  • this would apply to both the sancti and normal version, Castanas would be granted a "bind" effect where pinning them to targets will group them together ie, if you stick 3 to a target and one to the floor they're magneticly pulled to the trap on the floor.


  • i'll be frank… i never see these, the alt fire is kinda meh and their primary fire is basically just despair but slash, i would add a "glass" effect to the fusilai where the more times a target is hit the more likely they are to be encased in glass, targets encased in glass take 1.5x damage


  • right let's be honest here, pox are probably the best damn thrown secondary in warframe, they strip armor thanks to an innate toxin that can be easily configured to corrosive, and to top it all off they provide a decant lasting area of denial effect. All i would add is the following chained gas clouds last longer.


  • I adore the Spira, despite prime looking like a mildly lethal ice cream cone they're a fantastic mid/early late game throwing weapon due to high critical chance and slash but, they drop off very quickly against corpus, corrupted and grineer due to scaling armor values in the late game. For spira i would add "blood loss" as an effect where on critical hit enemies begin to bleed heavily and are staggered based on status duration. The prime version would feature a "pin" feature, which sends the bleeding target flying back inflicting inherent toxin and poisoning other enemies as the primary victim is propelled back.


  • once famous for shredding edolions for all of about a week. hikou are throwing stars that few find useful outside of fodder for mastery. they hold the record still i think for the fastest thrown secondary in warframe and i think we should reward that with shattering blades where upon contact the hikou shatter hitting near by enemies and inflicting status based on the highest status built into your hikou making this weapon a great utility for condition overload builds for quickly spreading status effects past ranges where weapons like the nukor may be unable to reach. the prime version would feature a "stack" effect where if 10 or more targets are afflicted at once your other weapons gain increased damage


  • on paper, these should be amazing, remote bombs with a near guarantee to status/crit… in practice… no not really. Talons should first, be reworked so that targets that these bombs are hit with are pinned to the floor due to the bombs digging into their flesh, second enemies hit by the blast of these bombs should be left disorented and have armor sundered giving them a role alongside pox in armor removal, but being better suited to single targets instead of blanketing an area in gas

and i think that's about it, it might give these weapons some real use, or just make the more fun from a gimmick standpoint than they are currently

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