A suggestion to stay longer in missions

Warframe9 - A suggestion to stay longer in missions

I am not sure if this idea has been explored but i thought it would be a reasonable idea to add in the game to make it more enjoyable. So here goes nothing. Pretty much in warframe all you do is go to the objective either kill it or defend it and then run to the extraction as fast as possible. There are no benefits or reasons to stay in the mission longer. So why not add a reason to stay in a mission longer.

Side missions: (not just looking for caches)

  1. The first idea is to add in multiple side missions. For example in a extermination mission why not add in a side mission that requires you to kill an elite/ultimate unit with added modifiers like elemental enchancement and maybe something similar mechanics that of the exploiter orb fight , to make it difficult. For example, this enemy is weak to blast damage and you pick these red barrels and throw it at the enemy to cause blast damage which make that enemy vulnerable to damage, then you can interact with the enemy where the warframe physically rips of the armour and slowly making the enemy vulnerable to any forms of damge. Obviously it won't be tedious and it can drop some rare items like nitain extract or rare mods like condition overload.

  2. Add in a mechanic to spawn hunters:


Another idea would be that the longer you stay in a mission the higher the chance that the stalker or any other hunters will spawn. The reason for this is to make players acknowledge that the hunters are a threat to them when they do a mission. Plus this gives these hunters a bit more realistic feeling, meaning that these hunters are tracking you and hunting you down. Moreover, why not add in a mechanic that can increase the chances of spawning these hunters in missions. In which the more noise you create such as the alarms are on max alert and the more enemies die these hunters may be alerted of your presence. This way your actions actually have consequences. To decrease the chances of the hunters from spawning you can play a stealth warframe and keep the noises to a minimum and by keeping the alarm on silent, this way it gives a reason to actually use stealth in missions and not just go guns blazing or just run and gun everything that is in front of you. And thats pretty much what i thought of to give a reason to stay in missions longer. What do you guys think?

Tl;dr: add in side objectives in missions, not just looking for boxes. Lastly, the longer you stay in a mission the higher the chance that the stalker spawns.

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