A Tenno’s guide to being a good Railjack Crewmate

Warframe13 - A Tenno's guide to being a good Railjack Crewmate

Things have changed somewhat since the new update dropped. Certain priorities and crew member roles have changed and I want this to be a brief but useful guide to players just starting Railjack, and perhaps a few veterans too, who haven't played for a while. If there are any more suggestions to add, please leave them in the comments below.


The main roles in the current Railjack format are limited to the PILOT, FORWARD ARTILLERY, AWAY CREW and DEFENDER.

  1. Usually, the host ends up being the PILOT. They queued up for the mission and for the most part, know what to do. If you have questions regarding the mission or what needs to be done, feel free to ask.
  2. FORWARD ARTILLERY is an important role. You need Gunnery Intrinsics Rank 5 to be able to use FA. But being on FA makes the task of taking down crewships much easier, and faster than if the pilot had to do both these tasks.
  3. AWAY CREW is arguably the most important role currently. Usually there are 2 objectives that need to be completed outside the Railjack. One is a mission objective and the second is an optional objective which is hacking a console in a Derelict, Freightlinker or Ice Mine(depending on the Proxima). Both objectives need to be completed unless stated otherwise.
  4. DEFENDER is a situational role. For most high leveled Railjacks, this role will not be needed. But for a lower level Railjack, a defender can be essential. The defender is responsible for not only killing enemies boarding the ship, but also repairing any hazards.
  5. ENGINEER used to be a very important role when Flux Energy was a thing. This role is pretty much obsolete. Unless the pilot requests an engineer, please don't just sit in the forge.

As soon as you load into a Railjack, ask in squad chat what role is needed.



If it helps the pilot, use it. While certain interactions might not be the most beneficial(VOID HOLE sucking in a crewship while FA is lining up a shot, VOID CLOAK slowing the railjack down), if you have any battle or tactical avionics that will help the pilot, use them freely.


Nobody starts off knowing everything there is to know about Railjack. If there is something you need help understanding, whether is related to a Railjack loadout, Plexus set up or mission flow/objectives, feel free to ask your squad mates. The more you know and learn, the better you will get.


There is always a role to fill as a Railjack crew mate. Ask the crew, and oblige. Farming affinity while doing nothing is highly undesirable. Remember, an EFFICIENT crew is a good crew 🙂

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