A thread with an amazing and extremely absurd situation in order to warn other players against a similar mistake.

Warframe15 - A thread with an amazing and extremely absurd situation in order to warn other players against a similar mistake.

My name is Mikhail and it seems that I've made a terrible mistake.
I want to preface this by saying that I've been playing Warframe since 2013, from the very beginning of an OBT and I hadn't stopped playing until the day of this incident.
Ever since the Second Dream quest was released, I've been helping the russian Warframe community named Warframe in Soviet Russia (and no, it does not promote any political movements, opinions, etc., this name was assigned to community by the original creators)
We've made a team of translators who to this very day are working on localization of patches, devstreams, dev workshops, comics and other articles related to Warframe.
We tried not to stop at this point and have been supporting and promoting the creative people of the Warframe community for more than 3 years. Artists, Captura creators, audio makers, writers, and many others. We try to present the russian-speaking audience with a large number of talented people who also love Warframe as much as we do. Our talented artists have often been featured in Prime Time and we are very proud of every creative person of this community.
But recently something odd to the point of confusion has happened.
It turned out that I had chosen the wrong nickname. I changed it more than 6 years ago to match the theme of our community, without thinking that it might offend someone, I just didn't think of it that way. The nickname in question is StalinGulag. Yes, my account was suspended until 2035 due to the fact that this nickname was found offensive. Using it for more than 6 years, communicating with people on Warframe forum in the en section, repeatedly communicating with technical support on various issues, as well as communicating with DE themselves when trying to apply for the DE Partner Program with our community – after all that no one ever told me that this nickname was insulting/offensive to someone, not a single time was I warned about this. But then the year 2021 came, and without a warning, a permanent ban was received in the game to which I devoted so many years and effort.
All because of a nickname.
I was even denied the permission to reset it at my own expense. It is also worth noting that the technical support people do not quite understand why they blocked the account either, because every time they state diffent reasons. First naming one thing, then another, then a third. But I'm not trying to shift the responsibility to someone else, I admit my guilt, because I myself picked such a nickname more than 6 years ago to match the theme of a large russian community, of which I am the head today.


But I really didn't want to offend anyone with my nickname.
Thank you all for reading my story.




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