A very Weird build

Warframe1 - A very Weird build

I gotta play with it more to test its viability, but get this:

Proton Snap (melee mod) adds toxin damage to your attacks if you wall latch for two seconds.

Shock Trooper (Volt mod) adds electric damage to your attacks if you hold 1. This DOES modify your attacks as if you'd added an extra electric mod to your weapon, meaning proton snap's toxin damage can be turned into corrosive.

This immediately shows potential in ESO, where you encounter enemies of all factions but never get a chance to re-mod mid-mission. A volt with this setup could use proton snap to hit Corpus with toxin damage, then switch the next wave to corrosive for the Grineer. To round the corners out, you could also use sheev or any heat sword variant to hit the infested for heat damage on slam attacks (this slam attack damage is NOT effected by mods, meaning you can combo proton snap and shock trooper to hit ancients harder without losing access to heat).

But wait, there's more!

Toxin status/corrosive damage switching

With fleeting expertise and transient fortitude you can get Volt's ability duration down to 17%. Why would you do this? Faster damage switching. It doesn't effect proton snap's duration but it allows Volt to quickly and constantly swap between the toxin procs proton snap offers and the corrosive damage shock trooper combos into. This means using sheev, heat sword, heat dagger or dual heat swords you can apply three damage over time proccs at once (slash, toxin, and heat) while constantly toggling to corrosive damage for greater damage per swing between refreshing status effects. Proton snap wore off at a bad time? Need a sec to go wall hang? Cast shock trooper and now you're dealing electric proccs to keep your enemy stunned while you make a quick tactical retreat to recoup.

-Note: Doing this robs Volt's abilities from stunning enemies for long periods, but doesn't effect status duration on your weapons. Use one to make up for the lack of the other.

But that's not all! (Sheesh, am I selling Oxiclean or FlexSeal? Make up your mind, Ravens!)


Radiation status/heat or gas damage switching

Say I put a heat mod on my melee weapon (or I'm using twin basolk/silva & aegis/jat kusar, all of which deal heat damage innately). One problem with the infested is they take reduced damage from radiation, but the radiation status effect shuts down ancient healers and removes a major damage reduction buff from those around them. A minimum duration volt can use this build to apply radiation procs for six seconds (heat mod + shock trooper) then just let the ability wear off to start dealing heat damage with every swing OR find a wall to hang off and start dealing gas damage (heat mod + proton snap). With the healers out of commission, you can safely switch to a more damaging element without so much as swapping to a ranged weapon to do so.

And though I'm not as hyped about it, there is one more thing.

Magnetic/viral switching

This might come in handy against a litch? Maybe? Add a cold mod to your melee weapon or use sibear to let you apply magnetic and viral procs alternately without switching weapons. Only beats out toxin/corrosive switching against an enemy programed to NEVER take damage to health until their shields are depleted, even if it's toxic damage they're taking. Parvos' coin holders are an example for some reason.

Q: Is this the best build in the world?

A: For damage? HAHAHHAHAHA no. I've seen too many players pick too many way high enemies apart in a heartbeat to pretend this high effort-moderate reward build is anywhere close to the meta.

Q: Why would I use this?

A: You? No idea. Me? I'm a fan things that alter your playstyle, and the more so the better.

Anyhow, that's my weird af build rant. Lemme know what you think or if you have any ideas of your own along these lines. Either way, thanks you all fo reading, and I hope you all have a good day. 🙂

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