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Warframe13 - About the Loot Nerf

First and foremost, let's call it what it is: a nerf. Not a bug fix. A nerf.

They briefly addressed the changes that prevent Pilfering augments from stacking with Nekros' Desecrate in the most recent devstream. The response was, essentially, a noncommittal and vague "we're looking at it" with Steve saying that rolling the change back entirely is unlikely.

Now, I think the grand majority of people who are invested in this issue don't buy what DE is saying in the slightest. Here are the three reasons we've heard from 3 different members of DE staff:

  • Megan said it was to deal with an exploit that could lead to players getting a lot of mods in a single run of the silver grove.

  • Rebecca said that because the conclusion from the Chess nerf was "Chesa shouldn't be able to loot a body that's already been looted" that no abilities should be able to do that to bodies that have already been looted.

  • Steve said that they don't want players to be restricted to specific loadouts as a general principle in the game.

People have addressed the silver grove "issue" a multitude of times now, and even when that was the only explanation, it didn't add up. What game developer would look at a specific mission type with an exploit and then decide to nerf the mechanic that enables that exploit across the entire game instead of that specific scenario?

Rebecca's explanation sounds reasonable until you realize that the looting method they've gutted has been around for 3 years and that the way we loot has been shaped around it. As many people have mentioned, the devs themselves have used that method over the years for their own purposes with no problem. Oh, and Chesa's looting leading to ridiculous and unanticipated amounts of extra loot doesn't automatically mean any and all other abilities that do similar things are equally as broken. Again, the system they gutted has been around for 3 years with absolutely no issues or comments whereas the Chesa nerf was dealt out fairly quickly.

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The last bit from Steve is PR bull. 100%. There's no way they legitimately believe this encourages diversity in looting loadouts.

You know what did? Giving Khora Pilfering Dome. You could finally choose something other than Pilfdroid and Nekros, and that was a welcome addition. Now that there is no synergy between loot abilities (Ivara does not count because her looting doesn't benefit the team) there's really no point to even having a full squad to farm anymore. 2 people will give you increased spawns. After that, why bother having anyone else? The most efficient set up used to be Hydroid, Nekros, Speedva, and either a power strength buff or energy supply frame. A full squad focused on maxing out the synergy as much as possible. Now that's dead. Having random, uncoordinated teams isn't gameplay diversity.

Why does DE seem to think that taking away powerful gameplay aspects is a better solution than bringing other frame or even weapons up to a higher standard? Why nerf Itzal instead of buffing everything else? Why nuke loot synergy instead of giving us more balanced ways to increase loot gains? It just doesn't make sense to me, personally.

I really hope we don't let this fall to the wayside. Warframe is, at its core, a resource based looter shooter. The looting you do isn't really about weapons or frames, it's mostly about the resources you use to build weapons and frames. They've majorly reduced our efficiency in gathering rare and uncommon resources and they haven't given us anything to replace it. Combine that with the all-over-the-place "explanations" and I can only assume that they actually want to force us to spend those extra hours of farming for whatever reason. Because God forbid we make farming for orokin cells or plastids or mutagen samples that much easier.

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Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!
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