Absurd Tennocon dream

Warframe12 - Absurd Tennocon dream

It's literally what the title says, so please refrain from reading unless you are extremely bored and may extract a bit of entertainment from some guy's sleeping hallucinations.

I never contacted DE stuff, never went to Tennocon, and never actually thought of going there. Just played casually since 2014th, occasionally watching some devstreams. If Freud and Jung could extract anything from that dream, it would probably be my subconscious struggle between "Farm the ducats for annual Ki'Teer" and "Nah, too lazy, next year maybe".

OK, here it goes:

It's offline Tennocon, but very tuned down, like an event by a small indie team: just some rented hall like small cinema for about hundred people.
People come in, but there is some delay, only Rebecca is present from DE side. She tries to entertain audience by engaging in conversations, looking through players' profiles etc.

Totally unexpected both in contexts of event and my dream there is Lady Gaga present (she walks in humming one of her early hits), quite humane, not acting like a superstar or wearing a bubble dress. Why, brain, why?

Anyway, after some time guys from backseats decide to show some stretching exercises, so people don't get stiff before the event even begins. Rebecca goes to check what's up with a delay, and at that moment I remember that I may tell her a joke about my previous Tennocon dream (I strictly doubt I ever had it, looks like it's a fake memory inside a dream, very Inceptionesque).


So a fake dream within a dream: it's another Tennocon, but more like Cyan's Mysterium, a tour through DE's offices. It's mostly narrow white halls with grey carpets and doors leading to working rooms. For the sake of Tennocon walls are decorated with LCD's, showing Warframe-related seamlessly looped video fragments (hello Coub!).

And what I wanted to tell Rebecca about was one of that videos. It was a dance of community managers. No need to draw it, it goes pretty simple: face to face without contact, arms stretched above the head, palms facing forward. Slow side wave movement with small sidesteps counterclockwise. Just one detail: while rebbford was dressed casually in video, moitoi was wearing helmetless version of Khora Urushu costume and seemed not happy about it. As dream explains, she didn't want to, but Steve insisted on it for PR reasons.

Then I woke up, stared at the ceiling like "Duh?!", remembered that actual Tennocon is today and went to brew some coffee. Really needed it.

Phew, what a mess. I doubt I could made all this consciously even if I wanted.

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