Actually enjoying the new Railjack!

Warframe8 - Actually enjoying the new Railjack!

Now, I know there's another thread that's pretty much the opposite take of this one, but I wanted to give some kudos to DE for making at least a few actual improvements on Railjack. More importantly, I can see them starting to flesh out the skeleton of the system, and getting it closer to what they'd marketed it to be in the beginning.

For the first time I really feel like a badass in Railjack, and the main reason for that is because it feels like we're actually part of a narrative rather than a one-and-done mission. The secondary objectives make the world feel a lot more alive, and I feel like a deadly saboteur with my team as we go around destroying Corpus operations and taking down capital ships. The music is a big part of this; it sets the atmosphere and makes me feel like I'm facing down significant odds and overcoming them through sheer badassitude.

I understand why many people have problems with the new changes, and I'm not saying I don't. There's a lot of issues, particularly having the mission bug out while transitioning which makes you unable to complete the objective. The crewships, while interesting in having a vertical layout, feel clunky in a way that the Grineer crewships don't. And it is frustrating that there isn't more "Railjack" parts of the mission. But Warframe is always in evolution, and what I see is the promise of eventually being able to seamlessly go back and forth between Warframe and Railjack, and that's what I find so exciting. The technology is finally there; we can board a capital ship, do an in-person mission on it, then go back out. All they need to do now is make missions where you can split the team, rather than having to have everyone get on board the ship. If they do that, and add multiple secondary objectives to each mission, I think we'll have something really special. And if they eventually make it so we can actually pilot through star systems, then send ourselves down to a planet? Oh god… the immersion would make me jizz.


So, I just want to give a little positive reinforcement to DE, and thank them for making at least a few moves in the right direction. This is the first time I've really enjoyed Railjack, both the feel and the gameplay. Even though the Orphix missions make me want to tear my hair out sometimes, they're challenging and rewarding. DE just needs to find the right balance between expanding certain areas without adding too much bloat. I'd like to think they'll get there, eventually.

P.S. My one big wishlist item right now, since it'd be easy to do? Give us a death speech for the Corpus Captains when their ship blows up! It's too anticlimactic right now, and also doesn't make sense that they'd just go BOOM without some drama.

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