Additional Features to Bring Life to Clan Dojos

Warframe2 - Additional Features to Bring Life to Clan Dojos

Clan Dojos are one of my favorite facets of the game, but I see them being underused, aside from trading, and the occasional blueprint purchase, so I thought I'd take some time to compile a list of possible features that I think would add some Life, Utility, and Style to the Dojos.
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K-Drive Skatepark and Racetrack Rooms and/or Decor Pieces

K-drives were a fun idea but in my experience have fallen by the wayside in favor of the faster overland movement of archwings. So let's get away from the convenience side of it and focus on the fun side.

DE, please allow K-drives in the Clan Dojos or add a new room in Dojo Construction that allows for the building of new K-drive Racetracks or Skatepark rooms and/or decorations:

Allowing the construction of ramps (half-pipe style but also launching ramps like motocross) as well as racetracks elements like nitro pads, track walls, etc. would increase their usage in new and exciting ways.

The obstacle course rooms already exists in the dojo, these or the Inspiration Hall could be used to build these elements if they don't won't to add additional room layouts.

An additional room would likely be best however, to possibly only allow Kdrive usage within that room.Alternatively, create decor with button prompts (like transporters, trade posts, etc) that would allow for mounting the board.

A K-drive skatepark in dojo would be a great meeting spot and boost K-drive "fashion frame", adding incentive and feedback for board customization like coloration and graphics.

Fellow Warlords and Architects are thirsty for some more variety in the dojo decorating options, at least thematically.

Not to mention how cool it would be to have a vent kid NPC in your dojo, who would be the same standard character for all players (like a Clem).I dig the space-graffiti aesthetic and I think it need to be more utilizedand would love to see this attitude and the use of K-drives carried over into dojo design.

Placeable NPCs

Speaking of having a Vent Kid in the Dojo, please consider allowing the placement of NPCs!Non-interactive/Non-speaking NPCs were already added into the Dojos with the addition of the Railjack Dry Dock crewpeople.

These could be generic characters that are not able to be interacted with, such as a Ventkid, an Ostron that mills about, sitting and then standing up from a floor mat, or a Solaris welder inspecting a support beam.

They could also be pre-existing generic characters, such as CLEM or a faceless Syndicate Agent, who would mill about with a pre-set animation loop.

There's the option to make them interact-able as well; potential Merchants, that could allow players to access the Marketplace without leaving the Dojo. They could sell unique items and decor like Ticker. Or Dojo decor items from the Syndicates, with their unique themes, and purchasable with standing.

Merchants could be placed using a Booth-style decoration, similar to the merchant stations in Fallout 4, or they could unique devoted small Dojo rooms.

Pet Dojo Consignment

Also speaking of placeable characters:

I'm sure that almost every Tenno has at some point had to consign a pet over the Lotus to make room for a different beast.

Only problem with that is that the>! Lotus is now a traitorous half-robotic villain, so since that happened the animals are probably just launched into space instead.!<

I propose adding a simple feature to the game that would allow any pet to be"RELEASED(ed) IN CLAN DOJO", such as in this rendering.

This feature would create an alternate, more "ethical" and "transparent" option for these companions, as well as adding a little bit of life to the clan dojos.

After releasing the pet in this way, upon the player's next visit to the dojo they would be prompted to select a room to place the animal in, in which it would have free reign of, but stay in that room, just like the Domestik Drones.

To combat over-crowding and/or unwanted pets in the dojo, either clan members with decorating privileges would be the only ones allowed to do this, or the clan warlord would be prompted with a yes or no prompt about allowing a pet to roam about, next time they entered the dojo.

Again, the pets would operate like the Drones, placeable within a room and then free to move about as they desire, and just like any donated decorations, they would stay with the clan permanently.


This would allow us to still see them and make us feel better about the tough choice, as well as put some wildlife/mascots into our carefully-crafted environments!

Fill-able Caches/Locker Decorations

One of my favorite things about any game is finding secret areas and any hidden items that might be there and I would love to see this element incorporated into the Dojo building process.

I have a Dojo that I really like that I've spent a lot of time decorating, and there are some parts of it that serve no purpose other than to climb up to or slide through to. Most of these locations have transporter pads so you can warp to and from them, but other than that there's not really any draw to find them or explore any areas other than trading post rooms and research rooms.

It would be great to be able to place small rewards, such as Endo orbs or other small caches within the Dojo landscapes.

Ideal details for this feature would include:

  • The clan leadership or anybody with architect privileges would be able to drop these items, from either their own stock or the communal clan fund (using resources from either is already available during the room building process)
  • There could be a limit on the amount of resources you can plant per cache and a limit on the number of caches within each Dojo, both to keep it from being abused.
  • You would be able to toggle the option to have caches only available to clan members or to anyone within the Dojo.
  • The caches could automatically respawn at a time limit that the placer sets, and pull from the same fund each time.
  • These rewards could be added to the obstacle course instead/as well, either as a general prize for completion or for gold, silver, bronze, etc

I think this feature would add a whole new element of excitement and purpose to the process of Dojo construction/decoration and encourage exploration of all clan-members and visitors alike. Visitors can't be in your Dojo if no members are present there's no worries about getting raided haha.

As a plus too, there are already models for cache containers fitting each enemy/planet theme, so that shouldn't be too complicated, from a programming standpoint.They would just need to add those as craftable items in the Dojo decoration menu (make the settings accessible at the time of construction, like the TRIBUTA STATUE or after construction is finished and then each time they respawn closed again).

Selectable Music/Somachords in Dojo, or Per Room

Currently the only sounds in the Dojo are the slight sound-effects from certain decorations such as the Waterfall and other environmental effects, however the game has a beautiful soundtrack that would it would be nice to utilize more in the Dojo space.I propose adding the same Somachord console from our Orbiter, or some visual variation that carries the same the same function, as a decoration, to provide our music of choice in the Dojo, from the list of already available songs.

Imagine having an accessible Jukebox in the Dojo!This could be taken a step further in fact, by adding Somachord as a one-time main room decoration option in the menu, just like POLYCHROME is.If we can color every aspect of a Dojo room, it makes sense to be able to affect the sound in that room as well; this would open up a lot of interesting possibilities in regards to matching the soundtrack with the room decor and vice-versa.


  • K-Drive skatepark and racetrack pieces, to utilize both K-drives and the Vent Kid aesthetic.
  • Donating Pets to the Clan instead of Consigning to the Lotus (placeable self-moving decor, like Domestik Drones).
  • Placeable NPCs, whether interactive or non.
  • Merchants (potential Dojo version of orbiter Marketplace console, or selling unique items and decor like Ticker). Syndicate/faction merchants, generic/unique to Dojos.
  • Place-able and potentially refillable caches/chests/lockers -fillable cache containers from each faction, to facilitate clan scavenger hunts and general exploration. These assets are already in game.
  • Somachord/Music Selection in Dojo or Per Room – add a Somachord-style music console as a interactive decoration or as a one-time thing like Polychrome.

Thanks for reading!Let me know your thoughts on these concepts, and/or any other features that you'd like to see added to the Dojo, to make it more of a hub that's brimming with life, and a true complete home to the Tenno in your clan.

EDIT: some grammar and spelling.

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