Additional Leaks, New Primed Mods and Halikar Wraith

Warframe7 - Additional Leaks, New Primed Mods and Halikar Wraith

Source is wfg's dataminer.

Take it as you will, the Halikar Wraith was leaked in the patchnotes accidentally so it may be getting worked on, unlike the long time ago Sobek Wraith.

There is a video of the primed mods and halikar wraith stats at the bottom of this post.

  • Surf's Up!
    • Kill 20 enemies while riding a K-Drive.
  • Reanimated
    • Find and pilot a Fallen Necramech on Deimos.
  • Crystal Activated
    • Activiate a Requiem Obelisk on Deimos.
  • Feed the Beast
    • Feed the Helminth any resource.
  • Resource Collector
    • Collect 20 different types of resources.
  • Steel Path Missions
    • Complete 5 Steel Path Missions.
  • Steel Path Kills
    • Kill 1000 Enemies on The Steel Path.
  • Vault Hunting
    • Complete an Isolation Vault Bounty Mission on Deimos.
  • Mechanized Kills
    • Kill 100 enemies with a Mech.
  • Primed Firestorm (+66% Blast Radius)
  • Primed Fulmination (+66% Blast Radius)
  • Halikar Wraith (was also accidentally leaked in patchnotes)
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandDefend Defend
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandFollow Follow
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandForge Forge
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandGunner Man the guns
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandHeal Heal
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandIdle Idle
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandPilot Pilot
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewCommandRepair Repair
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr Crew
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_AssignBtn ASSIGN CREW
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_CmdRank Command Rank
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_CmdRankWithNumber Command Rank |RANK|
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_EquippedInSlot EQUIPPED IN SLOT |SLOT|
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_OpenSlot OPEN POSITION
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_SlotUnlock UNLOCKS WITH
  • /Lotus/Language/Railjack/CrewMgr_SpecialSlotTitle 2ND IN COMMAND
  • /Lotus/Language/Store/GiftBonusDesc A gift for you, and one for me! Gift this to another player to receive a bonus item for yourself!
  • /Lotus/Language/Store/GiftBonusInclude BONUS ITEM /Lotus/Language/Store/GiftBonusTitle GIFTING BONUS
  • /Lotus/Language/Store/GiftSuccessWithBonus Your gift was successfully sent!nnBonus item |BONUS| has been delivered to your inventory!

Additional stuff

  • Alchemist Abilities
    • /Lotus/Powersuits/PowersuitAbilities/AlchemistSerpentAbility
    • /Lotus/Powersuits/PowersuitAbilities/AlchemistVialAbility
    • /Lotus/Powersuits/PowersuitAbilities/AlchemistTransmuteAbility
    • /Lotus/Powersuits/PowersuitAbilities/AlchemistDistillAbility
  • Teshin Rotating Inventory
    • Umbra Forma – 150 SE
    • 50000 Kuva – 55 SE
    • 30000 Endo – 150 SE
    • Shotgun Riven – 75 SE
    • Kitgun Riven – 75 SE
    • Zaw Riven – 75 SE
    • Rifle Riven – 75 SE
    • 3x Forma – 75 SE

Halikar Wraith

New Primed Mods

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