Alignment should affect Operator’s personality and give it unique quotes.

Warframe9 - Alignment should affect Operator's personality and give it unique quotes.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Alignment (karma system) should have more relevance in the game, especially since that affects the operator in its way of thinking. Also,it's kinda annoying when they say something during a mission.

That "We fought with honor" phrase may be questionable, but it is forgiven. What is honestly not acceptable is when they say "For the Lotus" after the Apostasy/Chimera Prologue. I put together a list of things that the operators can say (depending on their alignment) at specific times, starting with its personality, extracting some quotes from the Wiki:


Depending of your alignment, the operator has a different personality with unique quotes:

  • Sentimental: Emotional and vengeful.
  • Sane: Balanced mental state.
  • Apathetic: Indifferent and emotionless.


  • On Mission Start:
    • Star Chart (including sumergible Archwing)
      • Alright, let’s get to work.
      • I hope we’re ready for this.
      • We will bring honor to the Tenno.
      • We know the mission. We will not fail.
      • My Warframe is the hand, and I am the will.
      • Transference signal strong. We’re ready for battle.
      • For the Tenno.
      • Let’s go!
      • Come on!
      • Move and strike. We have to win this.
      • Need to keep a lookout for supplies.
      • Time to put the trash in its place.
      • Let’s show them who’s the boss.
      • I hope we’re doing the right thing with this.
      • The mission has started. Let’s go!
      • The enemy will not stop us.
      • Fear will not control me.
    • Archwing:
      • Alright, flight system looks good.
      • Archwing deployed!
      • Oh… This looks fun.
    • Empyrean:
      • Railjack deployed!
      • This is where the fun begins!
      • I hope you’re ready for this Cy, cause I do!
      • Starting skirmish.
      • This will be interesting.
      • My mission is clear. Leave no one alive.
  • On Mission End:
    • My Warframe is strong.
    • I will consider what I have learned from this skirmish.
    • Transference still holding.
    • We fought with honor.
    • What a pity, I was already having fun.
    • This will teach them not to mess with us.
    • My job here is done. Time to go home.
    • And that’s how you do it!
    • The enemy couldn't do anything against us
    • Another mission complete. For now.
  • When you have low health (20% or less):
    • The transference makes this hurt.
    • That hurts!
    • Internals damaged, we need to watch it.
    • I need to find a health orb or something.
    • We've been damaged, need to heal.
    • They will not… defeat us.
    • No… I need to heal my Warframe!
    • This is not going to end like this!
  • Upon being revived
    • That was close!
    • Right, we're on our feet.
    • Back on your feet, Warframe!
    • Transference resynced, watch it.
    • Back to action!
    • Oh… Much better.
    • They will not get away with it!
  • During Kuva Lich missions:
    • When the Kuva Lich appears.
      • Is that a Kuva Lich?
      • Who’s the big one?
      • This seems tough.
      • Oh great…
      • This maggot will not stop me.
      • And here we go again.
      • You again?
      • You are not going to escape this time!
      • I hope to bring with me the right Requiem mods.
      • Preparing Warframe for the battle.
      • The Kuva Lich has appeared, be cautious!
      • Parazon ready, let’s go!
    • After Attacking with a correct Requiem Mod
      • Gotcha!
      • Take this!
      • The Requiem mod has worked!
      • Dodge this!
      • Weakness discovered!
      • You will not escape!
      • Yes!
      • Kuva Lich defeated!
      • It’s over.
      • Finally… It’s done.
      • Heck yeah!
      • Target down.
    • Failing a Requiem Attempt
      • Dang it!
      • Wrong Requiem.
      • The Kuva Lich is fleeing.
      • Hey! Get back here!
      • Come here and fight!
      • Wrong sequence! I must change my Requiem mods.
      • Huh… you were lucky.
      • Dammit! It will be the next time.
    • When you choose to convert the Kuva Lich
      • Your Queen doesn't have to know that you failed.
      • You have luck buddy, from now on you will fight for a more just cause.
      • Tell your troops to retreat, and in return you will have me as an ally.
      • This cycle of hatred has to end.
      • You really are a tough soldier. And now a valuable ally.
      • You will join our troops.
    • When you choose to vanish the Kuva Lich
      • See’ya later, maggot!
      • Tell your Queen that she will be the next one.
      • You will no longer be a threat to the Origin System.
      • You were a good adversary, but it was not enough.
      • It’s a shame. You could have been a good ally.
      • Void have mercy on you.

By the way DE, Don't forget that the operator is the main protagonist of your game, and the Alignment affects its way to think. So they have to be part of your highest priorities.

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