All Liset skins are bugged for over a year now

Warframe7 - All Liset skins are bugged for over a year now

Ignore this part, this was the original post:

You have no idea how surprised I was when I realised that this is a thing.

This bug is more than a year old and affects most of the skins. The engines are not visible outside of the customization screen and Relay's docking animation.

I know this is a bug because the glow not only present in the customization and landing craft selectin screen, but on official pictures: https://www.warframe.com/news/celebrate-our-6th-anniversary

Turns out so few people use liset skins that it gone under the radar for over a year?

Like, literally, during this 12+months only 10 reports have been made:













And a reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8ycyqw/is_the_liset_spektaka_skins_energy_color_bugged/

TLDR: dex, spektaka, cydonia, hellkite, quilate, maltzer and prisma have reports of them being affected. The others are probably affected too.

After this I started to watch youtube videos of people playing in public, and realised that this is not just a common bug, but straight up an error that affects all of the users.

Video proof (not mine, just found): https://youtu.be/iDb6ZQQfViU?t=153

I have no idea what to do. Like, do a bug report and hope that this time it will get attention?

I really hope this post gets noticed. Stay strong, Tenno.

Important edit: Okay, so turns out the energy emission effect was never visible in loading skins, even with the base landing craft skins. And that the energy headlights are supposed to be black in this skins, as visible on the promoting photos.

I already changed the flare from bugs to suggestions so this post will be about a discussion that the energy emission should be part of the loading screen, and will try to figure out how to change the title in the next ten minutes so this post be not misleading. Then, I will rewrite this whole post the next morning because it's the middle of the night in my country and I cannot think.

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