All Subsume-able Powers Summarised

Warframe12 - All Subsume-able Powers Summarised

Looking through the list of powers that we can subsume come Heart of Deimos, I realised that I didn't know what even half of those powers and Augments actually did. Rather than trawl the Wiki time and time again, I've summarised each power and their augments and attached those details to the table /u/rebulast posted earlier.

Numbers are all base-line maximums i.e. a level 30 warframe with no mods.

"Affected By" tracks whether the ability is affected by Strength (S), Duration (D) and Range (R) mods, handy if you want to find something that accounts for your dump stat (looking at you, Mesas with 60% Range).

I'm not fully aware of how some abilities will work given they or their Augments reference that Warframe's other abilities, for example Blazing Pillage and Grendel's Nourish. Happy to add and update this table with clarifications if people can provide them.

Edit: Added the Helminth abilities at the bottom. Some spelling/grammar corrections.

AshShurikenThrows 2 shurikens dealing 500 Slash damage each and 100% Status Chance. Homes in on enemies within 60m and 90o of the reticle.SSeeking ShurikenShuriken hits reduce enemy armour by 70% for 8s.
AtlasPetrifyAll enemies within 14m and 60o of the reticle are turned to stone. Petrified enemies take 50% more damage from all sources. Dev note: Will not drop Rubble.S / D / ROre GazePetrified enemies are scanned into the Codex and have a 25% chance of dropping extra loot.
BansheeSilenceA sound dampening aura with 20m radius for 30s. Enemies entering the radius are stunned and open to melee finishers while stunned.D / RSavage SilenceFinisher damage increased 300%
BaruukLullA wave with 25m radius lasting for 5s that slows and puts enemies to sleep, leaving them open to finishers. Enemies sleep for 20s or until awoken by taking damage.D / REndless LullabyAdditional 50% duration. Finishers re-trigger Lull.
ChromaElemental WardAn aura with 12m radius lasting 25s. HEAT will increase base health 200% and inflicts 100 heat damage in a 5m radius. ELECTRIC increases base shields by 100% and reflects 1000% of incoming damage back to target within 10m as Electric damage. TOXIN increases reload and holster speeds by 35% and inflicts Toxin damage on enemies within 5m. COLD increases armour by 150% and reflects 300% of damage taken. Note: Element type depends on energy colour.S / D / REverlasting WardAllies retain the effects of the Ward even after moving out of Chroma's range.
EmberFire BlastGround slam dealing 200 Heat damage in a 25m radius with 100% Status Chance, with enemy armour reduced by 50-100%.S / RHealing FlameHeals allies hit by the Fire Blast for 25-50 Health.
EquinoxRest & RageREST will put affected enemies to sleep, leaving them open to Melee Finishers. RAGE will make affected enemies take 50% more damage but increases their attack speed by 20%. Dev note: Whether you get Rest or Rage depends on energy colour.S / D / RCalm & FrenzyKilling an enemy affected by either REST or RAGE will spread the effects to nearby enemies.
ExcaliburRadial BlindEnemies within 25m are blinded for 15s, leaving them open to melee finishers.D / RRadiant FinishFinisher damage increased 300%
FrostIce WaveA wave with 20m range and 3m width that hits targets for 700 Cold damage and 600% Status Chance.S / RIce Wave ImpedeThe wave leaves a trail for 12s that slows enemies.
GaraSpectrorageA ring of mirrors that traps enemies, who will shoot at the mirrors. When a mirror breaks, the damage is reflected back to the enemies, after 6 mirrors are broken all enemies in the ring take 1500 damage.S / D / RSpectrosiphonEnemies killed have a 50% chance to drop an energy orb.
GarudaBlood AltarCharge at a target within 30m and impale it for 20s. Recover 25% health per second whilst near the altar.S / D / Rn/a
GaussThermal SunderAbsorb energy for 15s and inflict 150-750 Cold Damage and a Cold proc on enemies within 12m. Expend energy to inflect 300-1500 Heat Damage and a Heat proc on all enemies in range.S / D / Rn/a
GrendelNourishBuffs player's weapons with additional 1.5x Toxin damage. Dev Note: Keeps the heal (Can a Grendel main clarify this, as the wiki says healing depends on enemies in your belly?) and give Nourish Strike only.S / D / Rn/a
HarrowCondemnBind enemies in chains for 6s, each enemy chained restores 150 Shield/Overshield.S / D / RTribunalAllies proc 50% of the effects of Penance and Thurible.
HildrynPillageAn 8m radial pulse that cleanses allies of all Status Effects and reduces the shields of enemies in range by 25%. When deactivated, stolen shields are granted as Shield/Overshield. Dev Note: Drains 50 energy instead of 50 shield to cast.S / D / RBlazing Pillage
HydroidTempest BarrageA 10m radius barrage of water missiles lasting 5s, inflicting 150 Impact damage and Knockdown on enemies with 5m of the missiles' explosions.S / D / RCorroding Barrage100% Chance to also proc Corrosive.
InarosDesiccationStaggers enemies up to 15m away, inflicting 150 True Damage and then 8 True Damage a second for 8s. 25% of damage to enemy health is given to the player as Health. Enemies are also blinded and open to finishers.S / D / RDesiccation’s CurseEnemies killed by finishers have a 75% chance to turn into a Sand Shadow.
IvaraQuiverCLOAK arrows create an energy bubble that cloaks the player and allies within 2.5m for 12s. NOISE will attract un-alerted enemies within 20m of its impact point. Dev Note: Tap for Cloak, hold for Noise.D / REmpowered QuiverCloak arrows give 100% resistance to Status Effects. Note: No bonus for Dashwires since subsumed ability is only for Cloak and Noise.
KhoraEnsnareTargeted enemy within 30m is trapped for 15s. Enemies within 10 of the trapped enemy are also pulled into the snare.D / Rn/a
LimboBanishA 35m long wave that banishes enemies out of the current plane. Dev Note: Hold will cancel the ability and release enemies from the Rift.S / D / RRift HavenAllies have 25% Health restored.
LokiDecoyA decoy that draws enemy fire for 25s.DSavior DecoyFatal damage is given to the Decoy instead, and switches places with the player.
MagPullPull in enemies within 25m and 90o of the reticle, also inflicting 300 Magnetic damage. 25% increased chance to drop an energy orb.S / RGreedy PullPull also affect pickups.
MesaShooting GalleryGrants 25% extra weapon damage for 30s. Also lashes out at enemies within 16m to jam their weapons.S / D / RMuzzle FlashBlinds nearby enemies when an ally buffed by Shooting Gallery gets 6 kills.
MirageEclipseGain 200% weapon damage when in light, or 75% damage reduction when in darkness.S / DTotal EclipseAllies within 15m also benefit from Eclipse.
NekrosTerrify20 enemies within 15m are panicked for 25s, causing them to stop attacking and flee, and have their armour reduced by 20%.S / D / RCreeping TerrifyEnemies are also slowed by 60%
NezhaFire WalkerGain 25% movement speed for 30s. Also leaves a trail of fire lasting 10s that deals 200 Heat damage. Player and allies that walk over the flames are cleansed of any Status Effects.S / D / RPyroclastic Flow150% of damage dealt by Firewalker is unleashed in a trail of fire upon recasting Firewalker.
NidusLarvaEnemies hit by the larva sprout into an infested growth that pulls in enemies within 12m for up to 7s. Enemies are ragdolled and unable to move or attack.D / RLarva BurstRecasting Larva will detonate the larva and deal 300 Toxin damage to enemies within 5m.
NovaNull Star6 particles orbit the player, each granting 5% damage reduction. Particles will launch at enemies within 12m dealing 200 Slash damage.S / D / RNeutron StarRecasting detonates remaining particles, dealing 120 Blast damage with a 8m radius and guaranteed proc.
NyxMind ControlControl a single target within 60m for 30s. Target is immune to damage whilst controlled. For 4s after casting, damage taken by the target either from enemies or players will amplify the targets damage output.D / RMind FreakControlled target's damage output is increased 500%.
OberonSmiteSmite a target up to 50m away dealing 500 damage, knockdown and guaranteed Radiation proc. 6 additional projectiles will deal Radiation damage to enemies within 12m of the first target.S / D / RSmite InfusionCast Smite on allies to grant them 100% additional Radiation damage for 40s.
OctaviaResonatorDeploys a rolling Resonator for 20s that roams the map. Enemies within 6m are pacified and follow the Resonator, taking 125 Blast damage per beat.S / D / RConductorRecasting makes the Resonator move to the targeted spot at 150% speed.
ProteaDispensaryDeploys a dispenser for 25s that, every 3s, drops Health, Energy or Ammo.S / Dn/a
RevenantReaveSurge forward for 1s, draining 8% of enemies' shields and health and restoring 8% of your own shields and health for each enemy affected.S / D / RBlinding ReaveEnemies hit by Reave are blinded for 10s.
RhinoRoarThe player and allies within 25m gain 50% bonus damage for 30s.S / D / RPiercing RoarEnemies within Roar's radius are also knocked down and suffer a Puncture proc.
SarynMoltShed your skin, removing all Status Effects and gaining 1.5x movement speed for 5s. A decoy is left behind that draws enemy fire for 40s, and will explode in a 10m radius inflicting 400 Toxin damage with 100% Status Chance.S / D / RRegen MoltRegenerate 50 health a tick after casting Molt.
TitaniaSpellbindCast on an area up to 50m away. Enemies within the 5m radius will be disarmed and float in mid-air for 16s. Allies are cleansed of Status Effects.D / RSpellbound HarvestIf at least 4 enemies are affected, regen 50 energy.
TrinityWell Of LifeIncapacitate an enemy within 100m for 12s. Allies within 8m of the target are healed 100 health per sec. Dev Note: Now does small amount of heal over time over a large range. If you hit the enemy, a % of the damage dealt gets converted into AoE heal.S / D / RPool of LifeWell of Life targets will drop a health orb on death and gain a 25% chance of dropping an energy orb.
ValkyrWarcryAllies within 25m have their attack speed and armour increased 50%. Enemies are slowed 30%. Effects last 15s.S / D / REternal WarEach melee kill adds 2s to Warcry's duration.
VaubanTesla NervosWhen attached to an enemy, inflicts 25 Electric damage per sec and hits nearby enemies for 150 Electric damage with 50% Status Chance.S / D / RTesla BankDamage inflicted to the target effected by Telsa Nervos will release that damage in an 8m Electric burst.
VoltShockAn arc discharge that can chain to 5 enemies within 15m, inflicting 200 Electric damage with 100% Status Chance.S / RShock TrooperGrant allies within 15m an additional 100% Electric damage for 40s.
WispBreach SurgeCreate an explosion with 18m radius that blinds enemies for 16s. Blinded enemies when struck have a 10% chance to release a spark that inflicts Radiation damage to another nearby enemy.S / D / Rn/a
WukongDefyIncreases the players Threat Level and gives 2s of invulnerability. Status Effects are cleansed and damage taken is stored. After the 2s, taken damage is multiplied 7.5x and inflicted upon all enemies within 12m. Afterwards, gain an armour bonus of 1.5x damage taken for 25s.S / D / Rn/a
XakuXata’s WhisperInfuses your weapons with a Void damage bonus.???n/a
ZephyrAirburstLaunch air projectiles that deal 500 damage in an 8m explosion radius. Enemies are knocked down and ragdoll. Dev Note: now has a HOLD or TAP functionality. HOLD to receive original functionality. TAP to suck enemies in a wind Vortex.S / Rn/a
HELMINTHEmpowerIncrease power strength of next ability.
HELMINTHEnergy MunitionsImbue weapons with ammo efficiency.
HELMINTHInfested MobilityIncrease sprint and parkour speed.
HELMINTHMarked for DeathStuns an enemy. The next damage dealt to that enemy is also dealt to all enemies around it.
HELMINTHRebuild ShieldsInstantly restores shields.
HELMINTHPerspicacityYour next console hack is automatic.
HELMINTHCompanion HealHeals your companion and recalls it to your side.
HELMINTHExpedite SufferingHit enemies in a cone. Affected enemies have any Bleed and Toxin statuses removed and the remaining damage dealt as a burst.

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