Am I just an idiot, or were they right?

Warframe10 - Am I just an idiot, or were they right?

I have a "Box Breaker" build which I use for Syndicate missions. Easiest way to clear out boxes on the mini-map with the lowest effort, thus making it significantly easier to find those Syndicate tokens which can often double the value of a mission. Limbo with max range, minimum duration (12%), +65% casting speed, as much Item Radar as I can fit on (127m), and Vacuum for clean-up. It works exceptionally well and it even does reasonable damage against mid-level enemies (~1k blast damage, 600 impact damage, and additional damage based on average max health in the bubble).

Anyway, I go into an mid-level interception mission with this (depending on the map, there are sometimes boxes and/or tokens). Sadly, no tokens but the forced Impact proc also interrupts point capture so it's still good if people don't show up. The squad ends up with 4 people and things are hunky dory for about 75% of the match.

Someone then comments something to the effect of "someone please stop this Limbo". I am rather confused since I don't use Banish ever on the build, and my big bubble is only up for at most one second before I pop the bubble. I then check mission progress, but I'm also the person with the most damage and kills (50% damage, 234 of 449 kills). So not only is my bubble not up 90% of the time, I'm wiping most of the enemies anyway.


Another of the players agree and I question why. One of them explains that Limbo is the most annoying frame in the game and prevents their bullets from doing anything. I state that A) my bubble was never up for anything resembling a long time and B) that I was killing everything anyway and bullets don't affect dead enemies.

I feel as though these guys were just instinctively reacting to a Limbo with confusion and "rage". While certainly there were instances of me cutting them off from enemies, it would have been an incredibly rare occurrence as they'd need to be shooting at something half the map away. Additionally, the duration of any disruption is exceptionally minimal. And finally, I would argue that doing over 1.5k damage in a 45m radius over the course of half a second is significantly is a more than fair trade-off for them potentially missing a few shots.

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TL;DR: I was nuking the map as a Limbo effectively on Interception. Minimal (if any) disruption to other players. People got angry. I feel they only got angry because I was playing Limbo and I was getting to kill things before them. I could have played any other map-nuking frame to the same effect without them getting map. So am I wrong?

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