Am I the only one that’s done maybe 20-30 Tridolon Bounties and still have no idea what’s going on after Teralyst?

Warframe13 - Am I the only one that's done maybe 20-30 Tridolon Bounties and still have no idea what's going on after Teralyst?

I always use Trinity as I'm told that's the easiest role in the Tridolon fights.

Starts off easy, grab lures, charge em, bring em to Terry, shoot down his shield as Operator, shoot the limbs, rinse and repeat, gg.

Then there's Harry, basically the same thing? And I guess I'm supposed to heal? Except the lures never seem to need healing, my DPS as Operator seems to do almost nothing, and my team doesn't seem to need me, so I guess I'll just cast Bless every now and then so it seems like I'm doing something useful?

And how am I supposed to kill Voms when they're all flying in at 100mph? Half the time I don't even see them in the first place. Eventually my team kills him, cool, I didn't really do anything other than stand here.

And then there's Garry. Everything is green fire so you can't stand anywhere without dying. Die as operator, die as warframe. Try to heal but it doesn't matter, still die. What's my team doing? And how are they not dying cuz I'm not alive long enough to heal them. No idea. Lures still seem to be completely fine. I guess I'll cast Bless when I can. My DPS is doing nothing to Garry. Oh and he somehow healed himself so this fight is going to take even longer now. Everything is still green fire and I can't stand anywhere. So many explosions and whatnot all over the screen I literally have no idea what's going on. Voms coming in from everywhere but if I try to kill them, I get exploded by green fire from nowhere and die. I basically just rely on my team to kill him since I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Unless I get a crap team from Bounties and I waste the entire 45 mins only to accomplish nothing.


I've tried to check YouTube but everyone starts going on and on about stats and min/maxing and blah blah I can't even begin to focus on what they're saying. I check the wiki but it tells me what I already know. "Green fire, don't stand in it".

I just want a simple

1) Go here 2) Now do this 3) Now finally do this 4) gg

But every single guide video goes on and on forever about builds, stats, etc. Just tell me where to stand and what to shoot.

Am I the only one? Maybe I'm just bad? Idk why everything about this game is a mystery that requires taking a college course to try to figure out.

And people somehow do 3×3 caps on this fight? I've never done a single Tridolon Bounty where just a 3×1 didn't take the entire 45 mins. Crazy.

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