An Actual Guide to doing Scarlet Spear as a ground squad.

Warframe2 - An Actual Guide to doing Scarlet Spear as a ground squad.


This event is a long farming event so prepare yourself to sink in a lot of time into this. You WILL have shitty teammates, that's almost inevitable if you play in a party with people not on your friends list. Please remember that this is a game and your here for the rewards, not for the drama. If you have a teammate that decides to take leadership by doing her own thing when you're the host and have explained everything clearly: LET THEM. You NEVER fight the ego of your party members. If they fuck up, they fuck up. Focus on your job and help your team as much as you can. It can be extremely frustrating, I know, but it is nowhere near as frustrating as arguing mid-mission for 20 minutes.

With that out of the way,

The first part of this is to check the Flotilla timers, they're all synced up so don't make a party when there's 30 minutes left. I've made the mistake and it is not pleasant. Make sure you have enough time to do a clean 3 full runs, it will usually take between 15 and 25 minutes to do a single run depending on how fast your team is, so assume you'll need at least 90 minutes to be safe. It is possible to get to 5k in under an hour, but never assume you'll be able to unless you've played with your team before. I'm reminding you all again: this is a long event. Your number one priority is making sure you manage to not burn yourself out, and failing to complete a run before the timer runs out… that will burn you pretty hard.

Now, to get your party ready you have to first know the dominating meta of the event: Volt, Mesa, Limbo, Wisp. This is by far the most effective team composition I know of. I will explain their roles later, but for now I'm going to explain how to get a team quick. Choose what frame you're playing (in this example case wisp) and then type in recruiting chat something like this: H Ground 5k LF Limbo, Mesa, Volt. This is pretty much the minimum info you need to convey to others looking to join so you don't get a random Excalibur with an MK-1 Braton. We love you guys…. but sorry!

Now, why this team composition, and what roles do these frames fulfill?


The easiest one to justify is Limbo. He is by far the number one most needed frame in this event. Without a limbo you can't do fast runs, and you will most likely not be able to do a full run. Why? Because Limbo lets your party completely skip half the run. When the Condrix needs to get scanned, limbo pops down his cataclysm and stasis, then the team can move on without waiting for the Condrix to get scanned. I can not overstate how important this is when you want to get through this event fast.

But doesn't the Condrix decide to randomly drop somewhere?

It does NOT. The new Condrix drops where your team is, as long as you're not in the same tile as the last Condrix. This lets your team get in position, prepare, and wait for it to drop.

This; however, is not the only role a good Limbo will fulfill. A really really good limbo that is loved by all will use his 3 on the mesa to make her invincible while she mows down the Grineer and sentient ads.

As Limbo you:

  1. Pop your Mesa into the rift to keep her nice and safe while she commits genocide.
  2. Get into position behind the Volt shields.
  3. As soon as the Condrix appears, you shoot it until it dies.
  4. You Cataclysm the OpLink location and use stasis.
  5. Deploy your OpLink.
  6. Follow your team to the next spot.


Wisp is amazing in this event because she can make her allies into a tankframe, letting them invest more into their own roles without worrying about getting one shot by a level 120 sentient bitch slap. Oh and she buffs damage too.


The role of wisp is to be a support. Unexpected, I know. As a wisp player you have the amazing role of making sure your team as your mote buffs up 100% of the time. ALWAYS place them behind your volt shields if he places them anywhere. Your team will group up behind his shields anyways, unless they're not the smartest bunch, but that happens sometimes so we have to deal with it for them.

As Wisp you also have the role of using your 4 on the Aerolysts when they spawn to pop all of his canisters. This is an extra role that isn't always required or even necessary, but it is so useful for your team and yourself if you didn't bring a weapon capable of popping them all instantly.

As Wisp you:

  1. Coordinate with your Volt to set up a spot for your Motes.
  2. Move to Mesa if she's somewhere else and drop her some motes as well.
  3. Get into position behind the Volt shields.
  4. As soon as the Condrix appears, you shoot it until it dies.
  5. Deploy your OpLink.
  6. Move to the next spot.


Volt is here for one thing and one thing only: damage. His shields are hands-down the best ability to buff damage to his entire team letting them tear the Condrix a new one in record times. Also his speed gives them even more damage.

Volt has the fun job of getting into position and spamming the shit out of his shields, as well as using his speed to buff his team up with the lovely DPS boost it gives.

As Volt you:

  1. Use your 2 when the mission starts.
  2. Coordinate with your Wisp to set up a spot for your shields.
  3. As soon as the Condrix appears, you shoot it until it dies.
  4. Deploy your OpLink.
  5. Move to the next spot.

Mesa, and her boomsticks

Why Mesa? Because she gets shit done. No other frame can get rid of the annoying sentient ads in between phases as well she does. She makes runs go fast almost as much as Limbo. When an Aerolyst spawns invulnerable you'll understand what I mean.

How to play mesa? It's not hard to explain what you do as mesa: you find a good place to murder everything from (think of Obi Wan and take the high ground), press 1, 2, 3, 4, and witness the lovely genocide you commit. Heck, if you have a friendly Limbo you don't even have to worry about ever taking damage.

As Mesa you:

  1. Find a good position for your 4 and prepare your buffs.
  2. (Optional) As soon as the Condrix appears, you shoot it until it closes.
  3. As soon as the Condrix closes use your 4.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Deploy your OpLink.
  6. Move to the next spot.

Additional Information

Condrix Killers: Redeemer Prime, Kuva Bramma, Rubico Prime, Lanka, Tombfinger

Ignis for when you really hate the Aerolysts


  • Check the timer. You need 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Get a Squad of Limbo, Wisp, Volt and Mesa.
  • Find a good Flotilla with low Condrix kills.
  • Run the ground assault as fast as you can.
  • Move as soon as the Oplinks and Limbo's Cataclysm are down.

Happy hunting Tenno!

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