An honest criticism of the mentality of “why use X frame when Y frame is better?”

Warframe4 - An honest criticism of the mentality of "why use X frame when Y frame is better?"

Playing through missions and lurking region chat a lot, and looking through a lot of videos and even a bit on the forums, I've seen a lot of conversations about frames boil down to "why use a frame when another frame does its job but better." The thing is, if we extend this logic, why are we even playing the game? Why is DE making new frames? If we only ever used the best frames, then we're left with Chroma, Harrow, Trinity, Volt, Mesa, and Equinox if we're being generous. Between the first 5 frames, you can do everything in the game with the utmost ease, and Equinox is the jack of all trades who can do multiple roles at once, if not as good as the others. Endurance mission? Mesa can just kill everything instantly. Need heals? Trinity has you covered. Defense mission? Your target isn't at risk if Mesa one-shots the universe. Breathing Vay Hek's air? Chroma will shut him up with a well placed rubico bullet. Not doing enough damage? Harrow gives you more crits and Volt gives you double damage. Need to CC? Harrow can throw a few chains down. Need to go fast? That's Volt's entire thing.

When we boil it down this far. What even is the point? The entire game is a spreadsheet, and these frames have the biggest numbers, or enable the other frames listed to have the biggest numbers possible.


I'm not saying there's no joy to be had in seeing damage in the hundreds of thousands, if not in the millions. But what I am saying is that, if we keep acting like every frame has to be held up to the standards of the very best frames in the game, we will get more power creep, and we'll just keep shifting the goal post. I don't want to see a day where Mesa is considered bad because she doesn't instantly finish a mission the second she loads in and presses a single ability that kills every enemy on the map, because that's the logical extreme of this mentality if DE were to adhere to it in creating new frames.

Frames do need to be given upkeep to ensure they don't become completely impossible to use, power creep is an inevitability in games like this if they want to keep making new content for endgame, but at the same time, you shouldn't disparage people for using frames that are sub optimal, especially in pubs.

tl;dr: Please stop with the frame elitism. I don't like the meta playstyle, I just want to throw fireballs at enemies in peace.

Edit: I'd like to clarify up in the OP, I don't mean to dismiss criticism or stifle discussion of weak frames. I mean to criticize people who use their criticism of weak frames as a rod to bash players for using weak frames. It's okay to talk about frames being outclassed, even giving examples. But to mean it as in "you're bad/dumb for using this frame when this meta frame is clearly better" is the kind of elitism I hate seeing.

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