An idea for a potential dungeon system in the planes of duiviri

Warframe10 - An idea for a potential dungeon system in the planes of duiviri

To save people from reading my jumbled mess of ideas I’ll make a shortened to the point version.

I don’t want digital extremes to use duiviri as just another open world to draw players back In with brain dead grinding and a few cool little lore tidbits thrown in. I want them (and it may be asking too much for de as of current) to make something new and something that feels fresh.

I loved the plains, Fortuna, and I’m loving Deimos but it’s really just the same formula over and over again without too much change ( for now at least, we haven’t gotten to see what de actually is doing with Deimos because there is a lot of mysteries and weird stuff going on that no one is talking about) and as much as I enjoy the atmosphere and detail of these little content islands I find myself itching for something new.

one of my many ideas I’ve had would be Tenno based dungeon system.

Though my ideas may seem like a completely different game then warframe and I mean that Is true, but it still sounds cool and I’ve long since thought that de should develop different games such as a story based game due to the amazing current and potential lore that they have at their disposal as well as the shallow but massive universe they’ve made.


Now bear with me this might be a bit long. So I was going over the story and lore again recently (as I do every so often) and something struck me, the Zairamin must have been MASSIVE like seriously huge. It never really came to mind before as I think I had always assumed there was only a handful of tenno but recently someone had pointed out that every Tenno in game most likely lore wise is a legitimate Zairiman survivor. when they said that to me I kinda went oh yeah of course every Player in game is cannon wise a legitimate Tenno operative but when I was skimming over the origin of the tenno and the was reading about how Zairiman (granted it was I believe a military vessel) was being used as a colony ship and I realized (rather late I will say) must have carried millions of people. Now the reason that’s could be important is I’f the ship in the old teaser for planes of duiviri is indeed the Zairiman 10-0 the ship would have to be much much bigger than any vessel We’ve seen in game and if it becomes a playable area de has a lot of room to work with. From what we’ve seen so far our Tenno for some reason is ripped away from its void paradoxical existence and forced to age to a degree which in turn means the weapons as seen in the trailer can now be wielded by the tenno themselves lve as opposed to being limited to the warframe. Now our Tenno doesn’t have the fancy shield, health regen, armor, and mods our over powered warframes need so much and benefit greatly from and this could be used in de’s favor to introduce legitimate difficulty into the game. Now to my actual idea (I know it took me way too long but thanks for sticking around) what if the ship is used as a progressive randomly generated dungeon system specifically designed for our newly aged tenno and our Tenno only. To me this would change the feel of the game to something more realistic and punishing then what we have in game ie. Getting shot actually hurts, we can’t just bullet jump and aimglide to get to where we want to go, we’d have to run around with our fragile still very much human bodies(I definitely want void powers tho to a degree and a reason to go into these dungeons but I’ll touch on that in a second) We’d probably have to have some sort of stamina as well because even though we are little void demons our bodies should still have some limitations. Navigating the ship or I guess progress would subsequently be slowed down and instead of the fun(ish) but brain dead gameplay we have it would have to be slow and methodical with care put into movements (designing a whole new movement system might be a stretch and too much work for good old de and understandably they should stick to what they know but hey this is just a half baked idea that I came up with for fun nothing to serious) on the topic of rewards ima be honest with you chief I haven’t the slightest idea of what could potentially be added because we really have all we would ever need already in game and I don’t feel like creating concepts out of thin air lol but i will say this would be among the most important parts of the system because it would need to give longevity and a reason for players to sink hours upon hours (and even potentially platinum because tencent and de love money but that really isn’t an issue) into playing this dungeon system. Now on the topic of what we could actually do I’d suggest that we would have an upgraded version of our current tenno power set (with minor tweaks to stuff like health and mobility) as well as the ability to unlock new skills that we could use both in the dungeon and out on duiviri (maybe in the base game but idrk too much in regards to balance so I won’t comment on that). Now last but not least we should also get an absolute fucking banger of a quest line and story regardless of a dungeon or not in the planes because we have been sorely missing that recently. Yes the sacrifice and the new war were good but no where near the war within or the second dream imo and certainly not as good as they could have been. Although I am very much intrigued by this whole new war story arc so I might write about that later on.

I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes I made when I type on the phone I tend to be a bit careless.

Feel free to tell me what y’all think or provide any criticisms/ corrections that you deem fit.

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