An Open Letter: Dear DE have you been thoroughly playing and testing your own game?

Warframe13 - An Open Letter: Dear DE have you been thoroughly playing and testing your own game?

First of all, please take my words with a grain of salt, they may not reflect everybody’s opinion/assessment towards WARFRAME®. Also, my apologies if any statement sounds offensive or rude.

Dear DE, I thank you for all the hard work and the chains of improvements Warframe has passed through the years, it is such a masterpiece.

However in light of recent changes or additions, one may pose a question, have you tested or played those changes or additions before deploying them? You may ask me, why I am putting up such a questioning.

So let's put it straightforward. First Nightwave, they are a promising substitute to the now defunct alert system, they came with a bunch of hindrances, but it is just a matter of time and adaptation. But there are two things, which are still present in it, that are either demotivating or frustrating.

The Wolf and long mission tasks. The Wolf appearance is more a nuisance than a challenging boss. He is almost invulnerable, one must take a lot of his/her time to defeat him, which becomes pretty boring after a while. He shows up in the worst scenarios, for example showing up to leveling players in Hydron. It is not just some whining, let's take Stalker as example, if he were to show up while leveling up, one may just use spoiler mode to defeat him. Wolf drop table is absurd, why does he have North Wind in his loot table?

The second issue is long mission challenge, such as 1 hour or 40 wave defense missions, it goes against a principle which you, DE, said in the past. You would not push content which requires player to stay too long in a mission. You have even taken back one of the tasks which required 40 waves in a defense mission due to people complaints, but this week the limits have been stretched, by putting three tasks which require patience and time. I know that we can do Survival and Kuva together, but really?


Fortuna also introduced things which seem to lack testing or quality assessment, let's not dwelve further into them, but it took you guys to actually put Fracture back with some changes for you guys to realize how wicked it was? That raises a question, when are you going to tweak/change Profit Taker?

The latest issue which lacks proper testing or quality assessment is Arbitration updates. We have been giving you lots of positive feedbacks and constructive comments, that its rotation and system need to be reworked, the duration and span of the rewards need to go, but you come with a ultra rare reward and revival. The latter is a failure by design, I am not going to describe it completely, but right now if a player dies, someone tries to revive him/her and he leaves the session, we are debuffed for the rest of the mission. It is flawed because if players died, it does not make any sense to revive them, due to enemy scaling. It is pretty obvious that they gonna die again. A simple solution would be a mechanism to create a buff for the whole team for the rest of the mission for passing through this ordeal, but it may be too farfetched.

So the question remains, DE are you testing the game? Are you assessing the quality?

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