An Operator’s Revolt [Spoilers]

Warframe1 - An Operator’s Revolt [Spoilers]

I would like to officially announce my position as one of the many Tenno left abandoned.

I have given this much thought, and for a long time I have pondered this stance. But I have decided.

I don’t want to follow Lotus any longer.

Space mom was a wonderful guide, and has been a banner for many years, but if we are to be left behind then surely it means we no longer need a guardian. The creation of Synthetic mom has been regular reminder that we have only been left abandoned, and I must protest that we no longer need a guiding parent, let alone one that is nothing more than a painful reminder of what once was. Without Lotus as a banner to stand behind the Tenno should break into their subsects, let us pursue our beliefs with Syndicates, Conclave, and select our new banner to support. If the system needs us, as Fortuna does, we will come, but we no longer need Lotus to keep us.


I propose to many that we gather under the banner of choice, the banner of the Freedom Sigil. No longer do we want to be held back by the singular Lotus who would lie and deceive us. I choose to follow the path of New Loka, of Red Veil, of the Meridian, supporting those who need us, like the Solaris, the Ostrons. I desire to follow no singular path, as Lotus would have us do. We are our own, and should choose to be our own at our own leisure.

This may seem like a call for Anarchy, but far from it. I feel that we have grown. We have woken from the dream that was a lie, and have come to see the truth. Let us now pursue our truth.

From this day forward I don the Freedom Sigil on my Warframes, and stand by my claim.

Read:  I just hit max rank in the Conclave and had some thoughts I wanted to share.

If we are truly needed, we shall come, but until that day we shall not be held by a singular force. We are as diverse as we are many. All are welcome to this cause.

Freedom for the Tenno, and freedom for the System.

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