An Unum Tower Climb Endgame Suggestion

Warframe4 - An Unum Tower Climb Endgame Suggestion

Multiple people have commented that the Unum('s?) Tower would make excellent endgame content, and I've always felt a tower ascension thing would make for reasonable endgame content. So, here's a concept borrowing from those.

Obligatory Excuse Plot: the unum is testing the tenno or something, maybe on teshin's request now that you've exceeded the extent of his training, maybe because she's worried about what the sentients will do to the people of cetus. We probably also learn about the "temple kuva" from the gara legend here. I don't know exactly when you'd get access though.

  • the basic flow of play is that each floor has a different type of challenge; this could be mission types with nightmare, sortie, or arbitration challenges, as well as puzzle levels and boss levels. This could be a good place to bring back some raid features.
  • each floor is smaller than most missions of the mission type so that you can feasibly do a bunch in a single run; if a floor is for an infinite mission type (though that sounds like a weird idea if the mode itself is infinite) then it'll run for a short, limited time, with enemy scaling or the mission challenge making that difficult, but not impossible. Boss levels may consist of a short antechamber like area followed by the boss, which could come from altered variants of preexisting bosses (the unum is simulating all this for you after all) or have unique "puzzle" bosses.
  • each player has three lives, though squadmates can revive each other. if you lose your last life on a floor, you lose any of the rewards from that floor, same as any other mission abort.
  • at the end of each level or floor, there's a sort of resting room. It displays the challenge and mission type for the next floor, an arsenal so you can switch frames, some kind of thing that can be used to change your operator loadout ,a navigation pad you could use to leave and complete your run with everything you'd picked up, and a lift. The lift takes you to the next floor and works as a loading screen, and only activates when all squad members are present.
  • Rewards would come from both the standard random drop system as well as floor completion, and could include ephemera, weapon skins, operator clothes, sigils/emblems for floor completion, emblems for bosses if the bosses are unique, probably some rarer mods, unique mods, nitain, eventually at least one warframe, perhaps weapon blueprints, and of course temple kuva, whatever that ends up being.
  • The leaderboards for this mode should probably be visible, especially if someone decides they feel like beating their high score in regards to floors climbed.
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The one thing I can see being a massive pain is level scaling; you probably don't want to go too fast, since you want people to climb multiple floors, but you also have to be careful about boring people. Maybe a system, like Normal Mission -> Puzzle Floor -> Normal Mission -> Assassination Floor, where the enemies go up a significant step with each cycle?

I'm still MR 12, so I may have missed something (or multiple somethings) about what endgame should be like; let me know in the comments, and I'll edit it in. I obviously don't expect this to ever become a thing, but it's fun to think about.

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