An Update on Updates: October Edition

Warframe2 - An Update on Updates: October Edition

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Hello all!

October is ticking away. Today we bring all Tenno an update on what we’re up to behind the scenes is an important way to help you plan the chilly fall days ahead (or warmer days depending where you are)!

We still have quite a bit planned for October – even if city block power outages prevent us from hitting those plans on the exact dates (because working from home wasn’t hard enough as is)!

First, the big one: Where is the Glassmaker?

All platforms are waiting for that finale, and it’s coming (hold the eye-rolls)! As with all things Nightwave this year, it’s taken a while. We know it. Nora knows we know it. We’ll have the finale out soon, it’ll last long enough to give as many Tenno a chance to play it in the context of the season, then we’ll work our way towards the next steps for Nightwave. As always, we will give you at least 2 weeks heads up before we end Series 3: Glassmaker.

We are still planning on launching Episode 5 in October – if that changes we’ll let you know.

Then, Nezha Prime:

A gilded Prince slides into Warframe. Tuesday, October 27, brings you the highly anticipated Nezha Prime Access! Get ready, Tenno!

TennoGen Round 19, Part 1 on Consoles:

We’d like to verify that we intend to deliver ALL of Round 19 Part 1 to Consoles pending agreements. Stay tuned for launch date details!

Next Devstream:

This is a tricky one because we have a few surprises still in store, but ultimately we are in the ‘work before we show more’ stage on some anticipated content (Deimos Arcana, Lavos, Corpus Queenpins, Warframe Revisions overall). We have done several from-home Devstreams and do plan on continuing them as it’s a time we get to connect with everyone in the community in as ‘close to like normal’ circumstances as possible. We are targeting early November for our next home Devstream. Our Devstreams are a way to have increased transparency and to hang with us Devs for an hour to chat all things Warframe. It's in the spirit of hanging out with the community, but also giving a sneak peek as to what's to come. As a community you’ve been incredibly gracious with the pace changes and hardware issues we’ve had along the way. This year, we are all more familiar with the awkwardness of zoom calls — we appreciate everyone who tunes in knowing the streams won’t be perfect, but perhaps that’s part of the fun.


And of course, QTCC:

You did it, Tenno! Together we’ve hit our $75,000 campaign goal and have 3 new stretch goals for our Quest to Conquer Cancer this October!


General ‘Week 32’ notes:

It’s nearing the end of our 32nd week of work from home. In these weeks we’ve accomplished more than any of us expected, from a bumpy Scarlet Spear that received tireless fixes and improvements, to ‘The Deadlock Protocol’. From a Digital TennoCon to a simultaneous release of ‘Heart of Deimos’ less than two months ago. We truly have no idea when to expect ‘business as usual’ to return. There’s no real indication yet, and our safety is our priority. We are getting more and more support to make this remote thing work — but honestly Tenno, it’s tough. We’re doing our best and identifying what works, and what doesn’t. Thank you for sticking around as we figure that out.

Simply put, busy times ahead. Stay safe, everyone.

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