Another recording breaking year for Warframe in 2018 per annual report.

Warframe14 - Another recording breaking year for Warframe in 2018 per annual report.

With the vast and continue expansion of content including more open zones, mechanics and overall content. It was no surprise to me that 2018 will be another great year for Warframe, and is now officially confirmed with the newly release 2018 annual report from the parent group. As a third person, PVE focused, F2P, shooter; Warframe continued to benefit from this somewhat niched genre essentially uncontested and continue to manage to attract and retain a large enough audience to continue to see YoY growth in this 6+ years old title.


“Group Revenue” (Largely driven by Warframe): US$277.7mil, YoY +36.6% (from $166.7mil in 2017)

“Group Gross Profit”(Largely driven by Warframe): US$141.5mil > YoY +27.7% (from $110.8mil in 2017)

Warframe registered users: 48mil YoY +29.2% (from 37.2mil)

Warframe Monthly Active Users: YoY +24.9%

Warframe Average Concurrent Users: YoY +28.1%


Warframe is a free-to-play science fiction-themed multiplayer third-person action game available on PCs and consoles (including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch). The game is developed and published by one of the Group’s subsidiaries, Digital Extremes Ltd. (“Digital Extremes”). It was first launched in March 2013 and celebrated its fifth anniversary during the reporting period. Since its initial launch, the game has been one of the most popular freeto-play games worldwide, and has been striking new highs each year. Warframe steadily sits amongst the top 10 games of all genres in terms of the number of players and playtime on Steam, and has a 91% positive review score from players. The game is also a top free-to-play game in terms of revenue on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The long-term success of Warframe is attributable to the unique and strong development and publishing capabilities of the Group for free-to-play games. The Group provides regular updates of premium game content for all platforms across the world, offers efficient and timely customer service, helps build a cohesive and passionate gamer community and facilitates communications between gamers and the development team through online and offline interactions. The rapid growth of revenue from Warframe during the reporting period was mainly driven by multiple popular content updates. Plains of Eidolon , the open world downloadable content (“DLC”) launched in October 2017 created a sensation among players, bringing Warframe to a height of success. This upsurge lasted until 2018 and drove up the revenue for the first half of the year. Meanwhile, due to the successful launches of The Sacrifice , another update released in June 2018, and Fortuna , the second open world map released in November 2018, these updates has tremendously driven the revenue of Warframe in 2018. The monthly active users and average concurrent users of the game increased by 24.9% and 28.1% respectively during the reporting period, as compared to the previous year. Having won the 2017 Steam Platinum Best Selling Game (12 games with the highest total revenue in the year) and the highest simultaneous online game (6 games with the highest numbers of concurrent online users), Warframe once again won the two best games awards in 2018 on Steam, making Warframe the only free-to-play game which was not developed by Valve (creator of Steam) winning such achievements.


During the third TennoCon, the annual Warframe -themed online and offline interactive event held in July 2018, the Group announced a number of updates and development plans for Warframe . In addition to the recent Fortuna update, the Group also announced a new update Codename: Railjack and a cinematic quest The New War, both of which are expected to be released in 2019. Codename Railjack marks a new milestone of Warframe with its revolutionary new gameplay. It provides new features such as space exploration, resources mining and tactical ship-to-ship combat, whilst enabling a seamless transition from Fortuna into space, with the potential to eventually connect interplanetary travel, exploration, and combat between planets. Besides game content updates, the Group also explores more platforms for launching Warframe to cater to more players. Warframe was launched on Nintendo Switch in November 2018 and on Tencent Wegame platform in early March 2019.

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