Another story of player kindness and the one of a kind community in this game.

Warframe3 - Another story of player kindness and the one of a kind community in this game.

Ok so a bit of back story: I've met so many incredible people in this game who helped me expecting no gift in return, and I think this community is exceptional and one of a kind.

Now to the story.

I just got mr7, and I was getting pretty excited because I thought I was getting pretty good stuff and loot and I just built my first prime warframe; valkyr prime. I put a forma on her, and I went leveling to a survival mission and a guy joined.

As usual, the people that join me have like prime everything and super high Mr like 15 and stuff. Well, I didn't really notice his level but I was fun playing with him and we didn't exchange any words or anything so I was expecting him to leave me after this mission like usual but he did something else; he said "welcome to WF!"

Now I was pretty surprised by that because I thought that mr7 was pretty high already and not considered new but then I saw his Mr which was 26. I didn't know that it even goes that high so I was super impressed and stuff. He said he has time for another mission and suggested we go again but before that I asked him if he knew where I could get (I heard it was good and was working on improving my melee). What the guy did was just freaking give it to me. An internet stranger. I WAS NO ONE and he gave it away…

This is just the start of this madness. In the dojo, everything was beautiful. Like amazingly beautiful. It has so much stuff and I'm pretty sure he was alone in his clan. I was so freaking impressed by the sheer scale of his stuff. I also told him his design was really cool (he looked actually amazing). So he proceeded to show me all over the dojo, and then invite me to the orbiter. He showed me his warframes and he had every warframe in existence and it all looked so fucking amazing I was so excited! After I was done fangirling all over his stuff, he asked me what was my favorite warframe there.


I said nova because I think her abilities are really cool but his design was actually the best thing I've seen in the game.

He then invited me to his dojo which didn't work so we went to my dojo (didn't look as good but I love my clan so much!) and guess what he did. HE GAVE ME A NOVA PRIME SET. FOR FREE. I was actually half crying because I had a really bad day and his kindness made me so happy. I gave him the 3 platinum I had left and kept thanking him and I was overwhelmed by this guy. I proceeded to build her and then we went on a mission for him to show me how she worked (she's his favorite) I was using valkyr because building stuff takes time but he explained how everything worked and I was so happy to be there. At this point it was 1am and I had school tomorrow but I went to sleep after thanking him as much as I can. I can't wait to get home to see if he's online and thank him.

Showing such kindness to an absolute stranger was so amazing and I was going to sleep tear eyed because of him 😀

This isn't the first time I was shown such kindness but this is the first time it's to this extent, and this scale.

Best community ever.

TL;DR (is that how you type it?): I played a survival mission with a random mr26 guy and ended up getting a nova prime set for free. Was a random act of kindness to a total stranger who made me so overwhelmed I can't being to describe how good this community is.

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