Arbitrations: Just have a downed state, but no revives.

Warframe2 - Arbitrations: Just have a downed state, but no revives.

Instead of adding in a gimmicky revive, add in a downed state encourages team play since most of the time I've played arbies, everyone is mostly off doing their own thing and die on their own. Being downed encourages squads to stick together so everyone tries to stay alive together. One person can revive while the others can provide cover. It'll encourage people to use various fames other than tanky ones, like CC to stop incoming fire for a few seconds. It makes bleedout mods be viable too, since it'll give your squad more time to revive you.

It will also give the feeling of being in a raid or dungeon like in MMOs. It's like having a No Respawn Zone all the time. When your whole team wipes then it's game over. You won't rely on just the strength of your Warframe, you'll rely on the strength of the squad. You can have a viability of having a tank, a healer, a CC, and a DPS. It encourages a buddy system, no more hallway heroes. It's the cooperation and synergy of an endgame raid, with the difficulty and permanance of arbitrations we know.


There's a few issues with the new revive system other than it's gimmicky. It doesn't stop the fact that whatever killed them will kill them again. You have a problem with scaling difficulty where after a certain point, only certain Warframes are viable to go the long run. It will also increase in player saltiness and toxicity, as I imagine how toxic chat will be when a player is waiting to be received, and the other players are choosing to ignore the gimmick to revive as it will either be a choice to revive a fallen teammate or survive themselves.

If adding a revive is aimed to discourage host migrations, then just make it so that the whole squad gets the reward every checkpoint rather than just those alive. Sure it might sound like being AFK is being abused, but it's a team game, and it encourages people to be more supportive in chat rather than salty. It will force the survivors to try and stick it through for the good of everyone in the team, or just say screw it I'm not carrying everyone so I'm going to extract. Give the choice to the survivors if they want to continue, gives the choice for the host to stay and watch their teammates survive, providing words of encouragement rather than "why aren't maggots reviving me??"

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Edit: u/YuTsu has a great suggestion in their comment.

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