Archwing and Railjack implementation for normal missions

Warframe14 - Archwing and Railjack implementation for normal missions


A common complaint with archwing and railjack content is that it is not connected to regular missions but just a single-standing content island. A valid complaint in my opinion. My suggestion here is to tie Railjack /Archwing in with regular missions.

Before going over the singular mission types and how Railjack is implemented, let me answer the question; What if you dont have a Railjack yet? Railjack comes relatively late in the progression of Warframe to the point where you probably only have your own after you already finished the starchart. Archwing, however, comes quite early in progression, making it reasonable to rely upon. The idea to remedy this is that;

  1. missions never require the use of Railjack. Instead the Railjack is always a supportive tool to run missions more efficiently.
  2. players are given access to any Railjack any partymember owns, should they not own their own. And should nobody have one:
  3. players are forced to use Corpus /Grineer Crewships should nobody have their Railjack available. Note that this is not available should nobody in the squad ever have owned a Railjack, this is to prevent newbies accidentally stumbling into open space.
  4. should the Railjack /crewship be destroyed, players are thrown into archwing where they can either board a new crewship or retreat back to the area where the main mission is playing. In the case of the Railjack, players are ejected and Cephalon Cy makes a remark about pulling out instead of the Railjack being destroyed. The Railjack then will need repairs and can only be used 30m later or at the start of the next mission. In the meantime, other player's Railjacks become available.
  5. ground-squad and space-squad share item pickups.

Really trying here to make the post not too long, but before we get into the mission types, here are some things to keep in mind;

  1. If a mission type is missing that means Railjack can not be used to help here. This is either due to the Railjack simply not having any sensible implementation or the mission being already quick enough (i.e. Exterminate) or requiring the focus of the entire team (i.e. Excavation, Disruption).
  2. There would need to be a new, smaller extraction tube tile for every tileset (similar to the extraction tube we see connecting the Railjack to the Orbiter).
  3. Going into Railjack should not reduce the enemy spawns for the ground team.
  4. For fissure missions; Railjack crews share reactant with ground crews and will be topped up to 10 if all ground crew members reached ten reactant.
MissiontypeExplanationRailjack gameplayGround gameplay
CaptureShould the capture target manage to escape, they can be further pursued in space.Board the capture target's crewship (not fleeing, default crewship behavior) and capture them as usual.Capture target after escape.
DefectionThe Railjack provides cover for fleeing defectors, allowing many more crewships to fly at once since they do not have to stay stealthy any more.Protect the escort route from attackers.Doubles Kavor count per squad. Quicker reward rotations, but potentially harder to protect.
DefenseIntercept incoming attackers!Destroy a certain amount of enemy ships within a certain window to skip defense waves.Less defense waves, quicker rewards but potentially more difficult defenses.
DisruptionPick up Sentient Void Links by killing sentient units in space to either alleviate negative effects from conduits or keep conduit buffs (not stacking) throughout a mission.Destroy sentient units. Drops sucked in generate a Sentient Void Link in the Railjack /Crewship. Deliver that Void Link to the ground crew where they can slot it into a conduit.Pick up Void Links, slap them onto conduits.
HijackThe Fomorian Core /Corpus Rover must be transported into outer space for destruction /to a Tenno operative for salvaging.Protect the cargo while transporting it to its destination. Railjack will suffer a speed and maneuverability debuff but the cargo can not take damage.Skipped escort phase.
InterceptionDeploy and protect additional radio towers in outer space to quicken the decoding process of the message.Protect two radio towers in space. They are initially in Tenno control but can be captured by enemies.Protect ground radio towers.
SabotageBring the Railjack into position for a quick escape after sabotaging the ship.Destroy galleon sentries that would hinder your escape and reach a waypoint for the Railjack to become available as a quick escape.Railjack tube-tile near spawn and near sabotage-area. Escape immediatly available after sabotaging the reactor, no need to clear blast doors.
SurvivalAssist the Tenno operative in scavenging supplies or life-support.Mobile defense-style mission; Drop the Tenno operative into asteroid bases, different parts of the galleon, abandoned orokin towers etc. and protect these for two minutes while they scavenge.Adds one minute to the survival timer (i.e. jump from 3 minutes stayed to 4 minutes stayed, rounds become shorter) per scavenged base. This allows bonuses to be carried over into the next round. (NOTE: Endurance runners can still keep track of their time through the mission-duration timer in the progress screen)

Congratulations to you if you actually read through the entire thing!


  • Q: But Railjack is stupid! I like my Warframes, I don't want this!
    A: Nor are you forced to use this. You can keep running missions as usual. This is optional.
  • Q: Wouldn't this make misisons just much riskier and harder to run?
    A: Yes, yes it would. Players need to evaluate whether or not they are prepared to take this risk.
  • Q: Yeah but this encourages grief play, like players intentionally leaving behind their teammates and not doing anything.
    A: We have worse instances of opportunities for grief play in the game already; Feeding all fuel cells to one excavator if it looses a bit of shield and wating them in the process. Nuking maps to feed your ego and making reactant drops in fissures scarce. Inserting the coolant cell in sabotage missions. Limbo. Yes if you are really out to destroy other people's fun you can do that and get reported for it.
  • Q: And what if newbies stumble into this? They never ever even used a Railjack, they would not know what to do and just ruin the mission for everyone!
    A: That is why it is gated behind atleast one squad member owning a Railjack. They, atleast, should know what to do. Other than that, this does not introduce problems Railjack does not already have (i.e. inability to force someone out of the pilot's seat).

Let me know your thoughts.

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