Are old Prime Accessories losing functionality?

Warframe1 - Are old Prime Accessories losing functionality?

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Devstream 132 told us about intended melee changes and as a paying customer of Prime Accessories I'm concerned that my upwards of £30 purchases are going to lose some functionality with the removal of channelling.

The Acanthus Prime Shoulder Guards, Atavist Prime Shoulder Plates, Targis Prime Shoulder Plates, Spritsail Prime Shoulder Guards and Citadella Prime Syandanas are the examples that come to mind of items that previously would ignite or have some beautiful energy effects during channelling (The Acanthus Prime Shoulder Guards being one such item that I purchased because of said effects, I'm a huge fan of wings.) Will these effects disappear entirely when Melee Phase 2/Melee 3.0 comes out and Channelling is done away with?

Am I to understand my multiple purchases of Prime Accessories are going to be stripped down and essentially my real world purchases taken away from me?


The last year to my knowledge there hasn't been a single Prime Accessory that has interacted with channelling and that's been disappointing, TennoGen has been by rights better than everything prime in my opinion as a consequence, I may not have been the biggest fan of the Citadella Prime Syandana vs say the Repala but atleast it had unique functionality that could help with a steampunk look in steam bursting from its sides when I channelled and that was good enough for me. The Massif Prime Syandana and Jindou Prime Syandana have been massively underwhelming when faced off against, say, the Jotunheim Syandana, which didn't cost £30 pounds, it cost £5 (and the Jotunheim has passive energy effects!) and is available all year round.

My problem isn't for the quality of Prime Accessories as of late, there's going to be hits and misses, the Isabeau Prime Syandana is gorgeous and I love it, I can even forgive it not having a channelling effect for that very reason, what I want to really know for sure, if I were asking personally, is will my £30 Acanthus Prime Shoulder Guards be losing functionality with the removal of channelling? If so, this might be the reason I stop buying Prime Accessories indefinately. I only have 2 shoulder slots and 1 syandana slot, if it's clear that DE are going to take things away from me after I spent so much at face value for it, I don't think I can trust them with another purchase and will happily go full free to play again.

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