As a new player who have not participate in any illegal activity, I got suspended til 2035. Could anyone explains how DE’s suspension system works?

Warframe3 - As a new player who have not participate in any illegal activity, I got suspended til 2035. Could anyone explains how DE's suspension system works?

First of all, this is not a rant, I just wanna understand the reason behind my ban and try to avoid it in the future if i can get my account back.

I started playing this game last month, have been playing non-stop everyday, was a really fun grind experience. However i got the 2035 ban on saturday night. I already filed a ticket to DE support, however as their response will not arrive anytime soon(i read some posts that say you will not receive any response until 1-2 weeks later) I would like to ask if anyone has experience similar "falsely banned" situation and how was it resolved? What were the reasons.

For the record, I did not get involve in the following activities(this should be common sense, but just wanna put it here)

  1. i did not involve myself in RMT
  2. did not buy any platinum on 3rd party websites, all platinums are bought from Warframe official website ( i didn't even know 3rd party platinum selling websites exist until i searched about the 2035 ban)
  3. didnt spaminsult in chat or anything like that
  4. did not share account
  5. did not run any cheaterassistance softwaremacro
  6. did not exploit any in-game glitches
  7. did not acquire unnaturally large amount of in-game resources, at least not to my knowledge ( last thing i did in the game was an 40-minutes arbitration run that yielded around 4000 endos and a sculpture, I'm not sure if this amount is normal because it was my first time doing an arbitration)

————————–So the following are my questions————————————————————————————

Question background

i DID use multiple computers to play the game, 1 at my office, 1 at home, and 1 in a internet cafe(only played warframe once in internet cafe, on last saturday)

so 1st question:

Could IP changes result in a specific 2035 ban? Has anyone got 2035 specifically because of ip-related reasons?


Question background

Because i was playing in a internet cafe on Saturday, and I knew that cheating software for other games will lead to a WF ban, so I specifically made sure there weren't any running in the background of the internet cafe computer. And i played about 10 hours in the Cafe, and didn't get any problems.

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After i got home, I could still log into my account and was able to run an arbitration, but when the 40-minutes arbitration finished, i got a message screen telling me "update account information failed, retry in 10s", I thought I was lagging, so i restarted the game, then i found I got 2035ed.

So I couldn't tell if it was because of something in the internet cafe's computer got me banned or was it something I did back at home got me banned. If I return home and immediately found my account banned, i could pinpoint the reason to internet cafe, since that's the last place i played. But it was not the case.

So 2nd question:

Could anyone provide information on how long normally the ban happens after the specific "ban-inducing" action is performed? This could help me pinpoint the reason behind my ban. Because if it is internet cafe-related, I'm going to avoid playing WF in Internet cafes in the future.


Question background

When I finished the arbitration, during extraction animation and the result screen (the screen you see before the orbiter flying loading screen), I saw on the screen my rewards were around 4000 endoes, and 1 sculpture, and some mods(couldn't remember the exact mods, sniper related) It was during this time i got the "update account information failed, retry" information. However the message ended and i got into the orbiter flying screen, and was able to get back to my orbiter. I check the "last mission result" once, and saw the same rewards. But when I went into my mod interface, i didn't see the endos. So i check the "last mission result" screen again, and curiously this time, it showed the result of the mission I did before the arbitration. It was during this time i thought I lagged and restarted the game and realized the ban.

3rd Question

is 4000-5000 endos reward normal fora 40 minutes arbitration? Because this is my first time doing an arbitration so i have no idea how much is normal. And i heard acquiring unnaturally large amount of resource in a single mission could also lead to ban.

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4th Question

If you are playing a mission when you get banned, will you get kicked offline immediately no matter what you were doing, or will it only happen after extraction? Will you still be able to run around in the orbiter and check various menu interfaces like I did?

Sorry for the long post, I really like the game and don't wanna get banned not knowing why.

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