Atlas Main Info Update: Warframe Revised.

Warframe13 - Atlas Main Info Update: Warframe Revised.

Hello again my fellow Atlas Mains. I come bearing updated tips for building Atlas as of this new update now that its hit consoles. No lengthy write ups inbound: just relevant info to make building your one punch frame easier. Let's get started.

Atlas Building

The new changes to tenno health, shields, and armor have done Atlas well. The additional 25% DR on shields as well as the new shield gates make Atlas Prime even tankier. Atlas Prime is one of the few frames with high base shields, armor, and health. Building an "Umbral Atlas" will return even more survivability than before. Consider adding Primed Vigor to your builds to buff up your shield values. Arcane Grace and Arcane Aegis will combo even better on an Atlas built for high health and shields. An Atlas Prime fitted with these two arcanes will find themselves gaining health even under a full assault. Stand United and Physique also will see strong benefits on this frame now that the ubiquity of corrosive protection has been lessened.

Stat Sticks

The biggest change of note here; IPS damage is no longer rated 4 times higher than elemental damage. This means running "Hybrid" and pure status builds are now on the table with crit and raw damage builds. Weeping wounds and Proton Snap can now be combined with Blood Rush and Organ Shatter to create a Crit/Status hybrid landslide build. Condition Overload may be a DPS increase over PPP, however, this will require a riven as well as micromanaging status values. In my testing a Corrosive Hybrid build will consistently out damage the other 3 landslide possibilites with the caveat that you must wall latch for 2 seconds every 20 seconds. Also of note here are the coming Impact changes, allowing impact to open up parazon finishers. Consider adding weeping wounds to any raw damage builds to take full advantage of the new parazon mods. For those of you running Riven mods on your stat stick, rolling for Raw Damage, Elemental Damage, and/or Critical Damage is still advised.


Synergy and Miscellany

  • Atlas cannot be knocked down by explosive weapons while on the ground. His passive, however, does not prevent self inflicted finches from nearby explosives.
  • Because of his passive, Atlas is a good frame choice for those who enjoy explosive weapons but not getting knocked around.
  • The Ferrox modded with either corrosive or viral is the perfect companion for those running landslide focused builds.
  • Naramon's void stalker will also work on Landslide; alongside Arcane Avenger, Adarza Kavats, and Bloodrush, this will bring you to just under or right to orange crits with the appropriate build.
  • Proton Snap adds a flat 50% status chance, not additive. With weeping wounds this will bring you to 70 to 80% status chance with landslide. Reminder that landslide is AoE and Each enemy is rolled separately when hit by the splash damage for both crit and status.


This update was very kind to Atlas on just about every front. If you have any questions about Atlas, builds, or the information I've gathered here; feel free to ask.

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