“Baby They’re Right Outside”- A Corpus Christmas Duet

Warframe3 - "Baby They're Right Outside"- A Corpus Christmas Duet

To the tune of Idina Menzel's "Baby It's Cold Outside."

Female part- should be sung as if in pure, absolute, mortal terror, counting time on her own heartbeats until death.

Male part- should be sung as if nothing is wrong and all is well, in cheerful resignation.

We really can't stay!

Baby they're right outside!

We gotta get away!

Baby they're right outside…

All our tests have gone

Been hoping that some Tenno would come.

So very wrong…

Look out the window, we can watch them go!

We can't let the clones fight alone!

They won't win, there's nowhere to go

Security is calling for help

Cause the mainframe's about to melt.

If we run, we can sneak past the fight!

How their armor glows in the light!

How many are out there? Just four?

One's enough, I'm amazed there's more!

The Board will want answers-

Then we're better off dead!

Is that one a necromancer?!

We can't tell Alad we fled.

If they see us, we're lost!

I wonder what that gold had to cost?

We have to stay hid!

Those silk cloaks are just splendid! (I suppose.)

I'm simply terrified of dying…

When they jump, it looks like they're flying!

The conduit subroutines went down?

For Tenno, there's always a way around.

We really can't stay…

It's too late for that play!

Baby they're right outside!

(By the void, you're an idiot!)

(I like to think of it as realistic.)

We still have some time!

Baby they're right outside,

There's a vent we can climb-


But baby they're right outside.

The Tenno have won…

Who's the lady with the chaps and guns?

We can't get caught.

Somehow she never misses a shot.

I just heard an airship go down…

There's a fellow with a flaming crown!

Any minute they'll be at the door

Is that a shotgun built into his sword?

I know they'll never let us escape!

He changed from a man to a dragon's shape!

The doors sealed, we're out of time

But the view from up here is sublime!

There's still one ship left…

That fellow was summoning ghosts!

They can't get away with the theft.

Against their flamethrowers? You'll be toast!

I'll risk Alad's rage,

You'll be an experiment in a cage!

I can't sit here and wait!

It won't be long, at this rate.

The Board will send more soldiers soon!

Sending them straight to their doom.

Maybe we won't suffer too much…

Haven't you seen them kill with a touch?

We really can't stay!

I think we're past that-

Baby they're here…

Baby they're right outside!

Footsteps ring on the metal floor behind them. Both singers turn around as Mesa levels her Peacemakers.

The Corpus disintegrate in a shower of bullets.

Nekros' Desecrate turns the bodies to glowing ash and a single white key is revealed. Loki scoops up the key and rushes to the next conduit. Chroma's aura fortifies them as the Tenno continue on their mission, unbothered and unaware.

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