Basic tips into Trading

Warframe13 - Basic tips into Trading

Hi, before we get into the real stuff, I'd like to introduce myself so that you all can get some background of where I'm coming from.

I'm a PC player, MR23. I started Warframe in 2016 alone without any friends or a guild to start with. Progression was tough starting out as I had no one leading or guiding me and YouTube videos just weren't enough. It all changed when I stumbled upon the Trade Chat in-game and it is where my progression skyrocketed.

Just a brief introduction. Trading is the process whereby a player interacts with another player, both having what each other desires (platinum, mods, parts etc) and agrees on a trade deal which can be proposed by either party through private messages or just posting in the TC. Trading is done in a clan's dojo or at Maroo's Bazaar.

A. So what can be traded?

  1. Prime Parts (Junk)

These prime parts are coveted for ducats, which are used whenever Baro comes around. The prices for these vary, in the past they are priced on an average 5 for 15p on PC. Right now with the current trade of 6 slots, their price range from 18 to 20p. Prime parts are one of the most stable source of low plat income as they are fairly easy to get, and is usually high in demand.

  1. Rare Mods

These include corrupted mods, PoE/OV mods, Aura mods, rare stance/damage/utility mods, Lua Challenge room mods. These mods are usually sought by mid level players wanting to optimize their builds. These mods are fairly easy to get, with a little effort and time. They also sell for at minimum 25p a piece to a high 50-70p depending on the mod itself.

  1. Syndicate Items

These provide syndicate exclusive mods, weapons and other miscellaneous items. The best way is to get 2/3 maxed ranked syndicates and lookout for offers in Trade Chat. A syndicate mod or weapon might snag you an extra 20-30p depending on the item itself. A great way to reward your daily syndicate grind.

  1. Prime Sets (or useful parts)

These often have a larger payout and it is one of the ways to earn plats efficiently. You can farm parts of a prime to bundle as a set to be sold, or you can sell the parts individually. Rare and or new prime parts are usually most sought after, so be on the lookout for what other players want.

  1. Baro Items

These include mods (Prime mods, dual stat mods, 120% mods etc), Baro only weapons. These items are obtained with ducats and credits, and can be traded with other players. These items usually have a large payout as each time Baro comes, he will bring along different items.

  1. Miscellaneous Items

Any other tradable items in your inventory that other players might find useful or coveted can be a source of income. Ayatan treasures, veiled riven mods, landing craft parts etc. Just be on the lookout.

B. How to get started

Every "business" so to speak has to start from somewhere. My suggestion is:

  1. Complete the story right up to the War Within

Where you will unlock sorties, rivens and kuva. Why? Because you would want to have every source of income open to you before you start trading.

  1. Get to at least MR8

This is because you get 1 trade per MR. Hence at MR 8 you will have 8 trades a day. MR8 also allows you to cover most of the weapons and warframes in game that are MR bounded, as well as have a decent basic knowledge of items in the game.

  1. Start with easily obtainable items

Prime parts, mods, syndicate items are a good way of making that first few hundred platinum. Use this period of time to get to know the Trade Chat and thr current price for items. Learn to make good offers or counter offers with other players. Take your time slowly to learn trading.

C. Intermediate Tier Trading

By this point you should have a decent amount of base plat, around 300 to 500. You may be tempted to spend those platinum you earned, but then there's more to earning plat quicker.

  1. Prime Sets

Prime sets are a major leap in terms of income. Junks may give you 15-20p a trade, but sets can go as high as 1000p a trade, depending of course on the rarity and demand of a set. You can of course farm your parts and bundle it into a set, or you can use some of your base plat to buy off parts from other players, and then sell it as a set. Be sure to take note of the price the parts are costing you, profit is what you're aiming for.

  1. Progress to MR13

With MR13 more trade chances are given to you daily. You can buy and resell more each day and increase in profit. MR13 should also unlock "all" items in game? Hence increasing your range of tradable items.

  1. Stock up more Platinum

Don't spend all your hard earned plats just yet. You can get a few items here and there to reward yourself, but don't go full broke. There's more than just making 100p a trade.

D. High Tier Trading

This here, is the realm of the unknown. Welcome to Riven Trading!

Now all this are shades of grey, there are no fixed price for rivens. The prices of the rivens largely depends on the buyer, and of course the quality of your rivens.

  1. Buy Veiled Rivens

This is a cheaper way, but not the most efficient way to start off. Get those veiled rivens and unveil them, and hope you get a riven of a "meta" weapon. These can be your Rubico, Tiberon, Euphona?, Paracesis or whatever players nowadays prefer. You can reroll the riven with kuva and again, hope for good rolls across the board. With a good riven you can easily rack up in between 500p to 5000p and even higher. It all depends on the riven itself, and the buyer's pocket.

  1. Buy unveiled rivens of meta weapons

Expensive. But efficient. Reroll with kuva and hope that someone with deep pockets will come along and buy it from you.

Extra Notes

Trading process is time consuming. Obtaining the items you want to trade or even waiting for someone to reply to your post. All I can say is, be patient. Rome isn't built in a day, and your mountain of Platinum isn't going to appear in a day as well. Take your time to learn and improve your skills in making offers and spotting hot items.

www.warframe.market is a website that offers plenty of trading utility. Consider checking this website out often.

I think that is most of it. I'd like to hear your feedbacks and ideas, especially if I missed out on anything important. Thank you for reading and have a great day tenno!

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