Battacor tweaks and you! A small guide to polishing the Battacor.

Warframe11 - Battacor tweaks and you! A small guide to polishing the Battacor.

So, let's take a moment to talk about the Battacor, the lovely Corpus-Sentient hybrid weapon from Orb Vallis.

– The current state –

This thing is pretty glaring when compared to most weapons, it does hold it's own to a degree on paper and technically should surpass most weapons in theory.
– A 66 damage primary fire (24 Puncture, 42 Magnetic) that fires like a burst rifle firing two rounds while having the luxury that most auto weapons do by being able to hold down the fire button.
– The Fire rate is a tad slow, but nothing impossible to use and it does have a projectile time.
– Alt fire is a charge weapon similar to the Opticor, but a lot faster and has a very large blast radius (3.4m) with little falloff, (40%) boasting 624 base radiation damage too! This makes it faster than regular Opticor, but with less damage, but stronger than the Vandal variant with similar charge time.
– Has a amazingly good crit chance with an excellent modifier to back it up on both firing modes. (Being 32% CritChance, 2.4x Modifier on primary fire and a 34% Critchance, 3x multiplier on the alt-fire)
– Status chance is 18% on primary fire and a low 8% on Alt-Fire to make up for it's huge crit chance.
– Alt fire is 100% accurate, primary fire is 25% accurate making some shots a little harder to do at range.
– Last of note, it has a magazine of 60 shots, with each burst taking 2 rounds, alt fire does not consume ammo but rather works on a charge system, for each enemy killed with primary fire, you gain 1 charge, up to 3. Each charge gives it a set of damage, 1 charge = Base damage, 2 = 2x, 3 = 3x. This allows the Battacor to shred enemies with ease provided you have enough charges. This is strongest point, but also it's greatest weakness.

– How it actually works –

Despite the impressive damage output, the weapon doesn't really function too well in today's gameplay that requires you to take out huge amounts of enemies with ease- and quickly. It's charge shot would work well when taking out large groups of enemies, but leaves you mildly out of proper damage and nobody wants to pelt a single Grineer Heavy Gunner with magnetic damage until it decides to drop dead. If one is to argue that it works well at lower levels, that's not the point. Everything does than, and much faster. If we want this weapon to be useful, we first must recognize that this weapon is held back by needing to kill enemies… to kill enemies.


Or to put it in more blatant terms: Needing to pelt something with a rock to than hit something else with a small nuke. If all the enemies tend to resist the rock, you can't hit them with the nuke than.
So to that, I bring…

– The "quite simple actually" fix. –

Instead of messing around with all the stats, I got an easy way to fix this that is more in-line with what DE usually likes to do with refurbishing weapons.

I propose that you let Alt-Fire gains charges if it kills a certain number of enemies, I would suggest 2 or 3 for a single charge, but the final number could use some testing.
If this seems too powerful, than you can always dial the number down, perhaps making the charges something like 1x damage to start and give the charges after that less impact. If I'm to be honest, I find using anything past 2 charges currently is a bit overkill in most cases. (1 = 1x, 2 = 1.5x, 3 = 2x for example)
In tandem with this, you can also tweak the falloff and blast radius to make users firing the alt-fire consistently have to aim a bit more.

This allows people to take a moment and either group up enemies for maximum benefit (thus allowing a little bit of synergy than just "pump damage into the thing") or having to aim carefully to preserve charges. The primary fire than acts as a sort of "backup charger" than a "peashooter with extra steps" in a sense.

– Conclusion –

A really neat looking weapon with a bunch of quirks, but has just enough to make it notable and with a little help, could make it even more fun for everyone to use!

Now if I only I could say the same for the Kreska, but perhaps I'll get to that later!

If anybody has any input, I'd love to hear it provided it's on-topic.

…. I can't write good conclusions. I'll be posting this ri-

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