Beast Companion Changes!

Warframe3 - Beast Companion Changes!

Ever hate having to be in this situation?

r6szasfhrmo51 - Beast Companion Changes!

I can't reach my Vampat! There are too many enemies! She's about to die!

Your Companion is dying, there are too many enemies about to kill you and you’re not a Limbo.(Pretend I am not a Limbo)

Well worry not, if you look closely at the image again:

I can't reach my Vampat! There are too many enemies! Good thing she's not dying!

Your Companion was never actually gonna die, they’ll lie on the ground waiting for you to revive them! (No need to compare the two images, there’s no difference between the two at all.)

  • Please explain what the hell is this?
    • This is a Quality of Life change for Beast Companions! They no longer have Bleedout Timers and can be revived anytime you wish to revive them.

  • Doesn't this sound a bit overpowered?
    • Probably! But at least you won't have to worry about your Companion dying on you if ever they get hit by a barrage of Bombard rockets! You can kill the opposing threat first and then revive your Companion without the fear of dying yourself! (One of the reasons why I main Limbo)

  • Alright, but what about mods that affect Bleedout Timers?
    • Loyal Companion and Medi-Pet Kit have been reworked to better synergize with this new Bleedout System!

The New Bleedout Mods


– If you put these mods together, they will stack multiplicatively.

– While the Companions are in Bleedout State, they can't gain Affinity.

  • How do these mods even work?
    • I have a simple comic that you can read:

Loyal Companion in action

  • That's it?
    • Far from it! I have a few more changes in mind and another one that could be a gamechanger for Beast Companions!

  • Then what are these few other changes?
    • This is a Quality of Life: Beast Companions are immune to Arbitration rules, when their health depletes they'll go down to their Bleedout States.

  • Doesn't this go against Arbiter of Hexis' teachings?
    • Almost all of the Syndicates are hypocrites but I guess that Quality of Life can be removed if its too strange for the gamemode.

  • Anything else?
    • Yes! There are also changes to how you interact with your Beast Companion in the Incubator Segment. DNA integrity doesn't exist anymore! (Even though Ordis dislikes taking care of your Companions, he will now take care of your Companion's DNA Integrity, hunger, hygiene needs except LOYALTY and FITNESS cause he is madly in-love highly respects you as his master)



  • What the heck is FITNESS?
    • FITNESS replaces DNA Integrity; They are essentially the same thing as it gives the pet bonus Health if the FITNESS meter is filled but it now requires player participation rather than something you click and be done with.
    • To fill the FITNESS meter, you have bring your Companion to missions and completing said mission will reward your Companion by filling up the FITNESS meter.
    • Not only do you not need to pay money you instead pay by playing the game!

  • Okay that's very co-
    • And I am not yet done! Let me present to you to a new Beast Companion Mechanic:

~~~ Personality Traits ~~~

  • The hell is this?
    • A Mechanic that allows Beast Companions to have their AI change in combat depending on what Personality Trait they have! The moment the Beast Companion is born, they gain a random/passed down Personality Trait! Meaning you can make your Beast Companion your own special little friend!

  • You're telling me, another RNG infested grind?
    • You can pass down the Personality Traits and also, I have an upcoming rework/tweak for ALL of the Beast Companions. From Huras Kubrow to Vasca Kavat. All of them have changes that will synergize with the Personality Trait to the point where you'd rather want your Raksa Kubrow to far away from the player or you're Sahasa Kubrow to be right next to you protecting you!

  • Alright, what are these Personality Traits?
    • There are over 14 Personality Traits. 5 Personality Traits that all Beast Companions can get and 9 Unique Personality Traits that only THAT species of Beast Companion can get. These are the Personality Traits:
  1. Loyal – The most neutral of the Personality Traits and will make the Beast Companion behave as how they normally behave.
  2. Ferocious – The Beast Companion is more likely to melee attack an enemy before using abilities. They are more aggressive in their attacks, their damage, crit chance, crit mult and status chance have been increased.
  3. Playful – The Beast Companion is more likely to use their abilities before attacking an enemy. They are more inclined to use their abilities, the cooldown of their abilities have been decreased.
  4. Loner – The Beast Companion is more likely to leave their master's side and do their own thing. They are more inclined to wander far from the player but they gain almost little to no Threat Levels except to the enemy that they are engaging.
  5. Obsessive – The Beast Companion is more likely to always be at their master's side. They are more inclined to stay near the player and the Beast Companion gains massive amounts of threat levels.
  • These are the 5 common Personality Traits.

  • Cool, where's the other 9 Unique Personality Traits?
    • I'll have to be a poor sport and say that I will reveal them alongside the rework/tweak for ALL of the Beast Companion's precepts.

And that's it for the post! What do you think? I'd love to know your opinion!

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