Best Tenno Specter Weapons 2020

Warframe11 - Best Tenno Specter Weapons 2020

Tenno Specters can be ridiculously tough, put a Trinity and Nidus together at a Steel Path defense spot and just walk away… But can they kill? That depends on the guns, which get leveled up along with the specter, but which DO NOT retain any mods, just like the specter.

Upon realizing that Excalibur Umbra in spoiler mode was the perfect guinea pig for testing the specter AI with different weapons, I found some very surprising results in the Simulacrum… Some weapons shine, some work so bad they're a meme.

Here are the results, and as I don't yet have access to every gun in the game, I'd very much appreciate anyone else's actual experience with other weapons in specter loadouts!

Some things to keep in mind: Do a loadout with no primary weapon, and they will use the secondary, otherwise they will NEVER use the secondary. Specters DO NOT use any alt fire or heavy attacks. They CAN use ground finishers with melee weapons. Specters need to reload, but do not have any max ammo or energy limitations. Again, MODS DON'T WORK ON SPECTERS OR THEIR WEAPONS. (all tests done without any mods in either warframe or weapons to emulate actual specter damage potential)


  • the Quatz was the meme of the day, being shot once every 3-5 seconds, smh…
  • All short range weapons (shotguns, etc) were fired from way too far away to hit ranged enemies.
  • All snipers and bows were shot at the legs (thighs specifically, maybe a fetish?) every time, never a single headshot. Rubico/Vectis Prime, all the same.
  • Most semi-autos, like Latron Prime and Quatz Cringe™ , were fired waaaay too slow, less than half the advertised fire rate. Big yikes.
  • Accuracy matters! The Stradavar, with 14.3 accuracy, was being shot at the ground, the air, the neighbor's dog, big yikes.
  • Braton Prime, with 28.6 accuracy, was also all over the place for some reason, unlike other weapons with even less accuracy… Maybe because of the high fire rate?
  • Opticor: 1 shot every 4 seconds. Sweet lawd jeezus, please help this child
  • Exergis: 3 out of 5 shots actually hit, for decent damage, but 3 out of 5?? Has my specter been drinking??
  • Lanka: Same as the Exergis, how can you miss that much from 3 meters away, my dude??
  • All throwing daggers: Just like in real life, you're gonna miss almost all of the time. You will never be a ninja, you're just Greg from accounting, own that shit.
  • the Stug: you knew it would be bad, what did you expect?
  • EDIT: The new Angstrom Cringe™, after the first shot, they just stop shooting! Peace is the answer, my brothers!


  • Acceltra did a decent job of staggering and damaging, but nowhere near what I was expecting.
  • Ignis Wraith, not too shabby, but nothing to meme about. The damage and heat procs just weren't there when I needed them.
  • Veykor Hek, while the accuracy was trash, still did enough damage over the same amount of time to compete with the medium sized Pepsi's of the gun world.
  • Soma Prime landed almost every shot, in ~12 round bursts that took a good chunk outta that life bar.
  • Zhuge Prime also landed almost every shot, but that's about it… Are we shooting feathered toothpicks or what?
  • Zakti Prime was also fired too slowly, which is a shame because dat dmg woulda been thiccc
  • Sicarus Prime reminds me of when my dad shot me with a BB gun and I was super pissed but it wasn't like a drive by, it was just a little weird lump lodged in between my 2nd and 3rd toes that would never go away. 9/10 could probably decimate a squirrel.


  • The Nagantaka (spelling?) had surprisingly big initial damage, and laid the bleed procs on pretty thicc.
  • Kuva Nukor did more damage than I thought it would, and to multiple targets, hi-5! Plus, there's the secret Microwave status if yer doin a Condition Overload build…
  • KITGUNS! Specifically the Vermisplicer primary and Gaze secondary. Just like the Kuva Nukor, they spread out to nearby enemies, and the damage output is pretty spicy… more than I expected, plus, you can build the natural stats to favor damage or status, pretty handy… Keep range in mind, though
  • Arca Plasmor: ok, as long as the enemies are within shotgun range, the Plasmor will DESTROY THEM. Best damage output of all weapons tested. This thing could impregnate your mom from 2 towns away, if only its range didn't suck like a hoover.

My roommate informed me that it's Christmas Eve, so Merry Tennobaum, you glorious bastards!

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