[Beta] New Tool – The Warframe Build Simulator – Test Out Your Builds Before You Forma!

Warframe7 - [Beta] New Tool - The Warframe Build Simulator - Test Out Your Builds Before You Forma!

Over the past few months, I have been working on a tool that lets you simulate Warframe weapon builds, akin to that of the Simulacrum. Quite a few times, I found myself investing into a theoretical build before finding out that it didn't work as I planned, wasting the time and effort and killing my enthusiasm for the weapon. I made this tool to try to avoid those sort of situations in the future. Before investing the Forma, as well as the time to Forma, you can fiddle with mods to get a weapon to work how you want it to work.

The tool is still in its early stages, though it is and will remain available for testing. Feel free to use it to test out your builds, compare Rivens, or however else you may want to use it. I have done extensive testing to be sure that the tool is as close to in-game as possible, and simulation results have been observed to fall within 5-10% of the expected kill time in-game for most cases. While it can never be identical to what you would see in-game, I am striving to make the tool function as closely as possible to what you would see in-game.

As of now, all mods and primary and secondary weapons up to, but not including, the Heart of Deimos update have been added, with the exception of modular weapons. Melee weapons have not been added yet due to their increased complexity, though they will be available in the future. The four Heart of Deimos augments have been added, and I do have plans to update the tool to include the rest of the Heart of Deimos content soon, once I can figure out how the new weapons function. On a related note, if anyone has the Heart of Deimos weapons and would be willing to answer a few questions about them, I would be very grateful!

You can access the tool here. Additionally, there is a Discord that I will be using to post updates, as well as request feedback in. It isn't necessary, but I would like to request that, if you use the tool and have feedback, please send it to me one way or another! In the Discord is preferable, to keep it all in one place, but anywhere is fine, as I would really enjoy hearing your feedback! Lastly, I am open to suggestions for features to add to the tool. If you have any ideas, please send them along!


Thank you for taking the time of day to read this! I hope the tool may be of use to you!

Currently Available Features:

  • The tool can simulate any primary or secondary weapon prior to the Heart of Deimos update.
  • Any weapon can have a Riven mod installed with fully customizable stats. In addition to standard Riven stats, any effect found on any mod can be added for the sake of curiosity and experimentation.
  • You can share builds simply by copying the URL at any time. Kuva weapon bonuses and Riven stats will be retained when sharing a build.
  • There are three available types of simulations:
    • Random – akin to what you would see in-game, everything is randomized, and no two simulations are likely to have the same results
    • Normalized – these will always end with the same results, in a pseudo-average simulation (I would be happy to elaborate on how this works if you would like to hear it!)
    • Ranked – works identically to Normalized, but uses a specific 4 enemies at exactly level 100, then saves the results for use with an upcoming feature

Planned Features:

  • Primary and secondary weapons from the Heart of Deimos update will be available.
  • Augment mods that modify how a weapon fires or add additional effects such as the napalm of Nightwatch Napalm will be given functionality.
  • Sniper Rifles will have their combo counter mechanic included in the simulation, as well as their zoom bonuses.
  • Melee weapons will be available for simulation.
  • Weapons and builds will be able to be compared to see what performs well in particular situations, or in the reverse, a situation can be selected to find weapons or builds that should perform well in that situation. This will use the results of the Ranked simulations specified above.

Edit: I have been seeing a few errors I have not seen before popping up. I will be working to fix them as soon as I can! In the meantime, you may hit errors on a few weapons; notably, the Acceltra has popped up several times.

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