Bile is nearly unobtainable (long rant)

Warframe13 - Bile is nearly unobtainable (long rant)

Aight, I'm in a ranting mood.

So the helminth system is pretty cool. Some of the resource costs are pretty reasonable, there are resources that almost everyone has tons of. I understand this is a tool for vets with thousands of hours in the game (I have 1013 myself). I also understand you are not supposed to blow through leveling helminth, that's fine.

The part that gets me is when it comes to bile. Bile is required for nearly every subsume, subsume ability, and helminth ability, and in no small quantity. Bile is also extremely difficult to get, as it has the least total resources that add to it. It also has some of the rarest resources, with the most ridiculous costs, like 3000 cryotic, 10 somatic fibers (which only come from one enemy, in one node, with a 15% drop rate), and 5 diluted thermia (you only get these by using the same canister to close 4 thermia fissures, meaning you would have to close 20 thermia fissures with the same 5 canisters to get enough to feed once). I wont even get into the railjack resources as all of the costs on them are too high.

Now for some stats. 53% of all warframes cost large amounts of bile (47-80%, with most being 80%) to just subsume. At the time of writing this the wiki has 25 listed known subsume ability costs, 12 of those 25 cost an average of 36% bile.

At most, a single feeding of a resource craved by helminth gives 30% of whatever category it feeds, this is halved for every additional feeding of the same resource, with a minimum of 3% at 4 feedings.

Most of the desirable abilities either cost huge amounts of bile to subsume or to infuse. For example: Roar does not cost any bile to subsume (even though rhino does have one of the highest subsume costs percentage wise, with 80% required in all three categories), however, roar costs 77% bile to infuse onto a warframe.

Let me run you through the most reasonable way to get that bile you need.

Start by feeding morphics twice, boom 45% bile, and only for 80 morphics! Next lets feed argon crystals twice. Wham! Wham! Now you're at 90% bile for a total cost of 80 morphics and 6 argon crystals.

Seems reasonable right? Yeah, roar is pretty cool, and I didn't need all those argon crystals I got from isolation vaults.

Hey what if we put roar on another frame? I only have 13 bile now after putting it on one… Okay, guess we need to feed helminth again.

Wait- if I feed more morphics I'll only get 7% bile before I'm paying 40 morphics per 3% fed. I mean 7% is better than nothing… Same with argon crystals. Use railjack resources? Can't. You may have a top tier railjack and every intrinsic at max rank, but you sure as hell don't have 1000 fresnels to feed, and 15000 copernics seems a bit steep. I guess you can feed helminth 400 isos, but then you don't have enough to feed it again. Somatic fibers? You only have 3 from the hand full of times you have run THAT ONE DISRUPTION MISSION ON LUA.

Congratulations, you now have 57% bile, costing you 3 more argon, 40 more morphics, and 400 isos. That still isn't enough to put roar on another frame. It's going to take either 21 argon crystals, 280 morphics, or some combination thereof for you to get enough bile to put on another frame.


At this point, you are nearly unable to obtain bile without paying through the nose in railjack resources. The most reasonable resource to get is argon crystals. I have a personal average of around 3-4 argon crystals from a ~25 minute run of all three isolation vaults. That is 25 minutes per 3% bile.

What about waiting for helminth to crave it again? NOPE! Simply waiting does not make a resource craved again, the system in place for helminth cravings is currently unknown, but it does not improve with time. The most reliable way is to feed helminth other resources in the same category, which you can't do with bile, because there are so few total resources.

Long story short, after filling and depleting bile twice, it is nearly impossible to raise until you reach level 8 with your helminth and can feed 150 intact sentient (75 twice) to raise a resource to neutral. Even at this point where you aren't just throwing away rare resources for almost nothing, you are still paying through the teeth in materials, 150 sentient cores + argon, morphics, isos, whatever per 15% bile.

DE either needs to add more common resources to the bile food group (two common resources at least), or massively reduce the amount of bile required by other things, and in most cases remove its requirement and replace it with something else.

I can completely understand the idea of a 'rare food type' but bile is so remarkably hard to get, and required by so many things, it almost completely blocks progress in helminth at all. You become unable to feed it other resources to gain xp because they are all at 100%, and you can't spend them without bile, or specific warframes to subsume.

In my case, because of my own poor planning I have backed myself into a corner of having to feed my helminth specific warframes until I get to rank 8 and can start resetting their appetite. I managed to get to rank 4 with Mag and Wisp subsumed before I was unable to increase bile at all. I spent all my argon, nearly all my morphics, and nearly all my railjack resources just to produce enough bile for the leveling, the subsuming, and cost of putting pull on Limbo.

For me, the appeal of the helminth system is the flexibility and customization it provides, while also giving me a use for some of the resources I have acquired hundreds of thousands of over the course of playing the game. I was excited to subsume some of my early frames and get their abilities to improve the kits of my current frames. Unfortunately, because of the ultra steep costs of bile, I am basically forced to subsume specific frames (or grind for literally hours to get pennies worth in bile resources) in order to progress with the system. The best suggestion I can give is to move some common resources from other areas to bile, and also reduce the number of railjack resources required. I would gladly farm copernics if the price weren't so incredibly high. But the root of the problem is the rarity of bile resources, combine with the limited options and high resource cost.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk, I probably made some mistakes in here, feel free to mock me mercilessly for them. Go ahead and throw your thoughts or suggestions in the comments.

(Also if anyone knows a good way to get bile pls help k thx bai)

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