Bonewidow changes

Warframe3 - Bonewidow changes


meathook grab more dudes

dudes increase shield health

ironbride moves better and has a spinny, sucky heavy attack.

Hold 5 to switch to mech

Have fun reading this poorly written post, some videos are there to help with understanding things.

Operation Venom has given me an opportunity to use the necramechs far more and learn about the performance of their abilities. Bonewidow was the one I had the most issues with due to the performance of their abilities so I'd like to suggest some things to possibly improve them further.


Allow Meathook to skewer multiple enemies if they are lined up. not too different to how it is right now since you won't find many enemies lined up, but it will give firing line more reason to be used.

Might need to increase how wide the grabbing range is to make this ability work and feel good to use. also might need to nerf the healing on bigger enemies enough to not make Bonewidow too unkillable.

Shield maiden

This ability is redundant, lasts less than 10 seconds in missions above level 40 or possibly 50.

The Meathook healing will give you about 1k+ hp back every pulse depending on the enemy grabbed. in addition to this, Meathook can't be used with the shield up and vice versa which makes it more useless as there is already an ability that keeps you alive much better.

To improve it, how about give it some interaction with Meathook? Allow Meathook to be used with shield maiden, stick the enemy on the front of the shield. skewering an enemy would replenish the hp of the shield and increasing its health by however much hp the enemy has (influenced by power strength probably). If the shield takes damage with an enemy on it, give health to the Bonewidow based on damage taken in addition to the pulses.

These changes would make the survivability of Bonewidow exceed that of the voidrig while requiring more work.

Firing line

on its own, not very useful.

not much to change, Firing line pushed enemies directly in front of Bonewidow. The changes to Meathook will synergize with this ability.


Iron bride doesn't feel very good to use for a few reasons.

first, casting locks you in one direction until the animation concludes.

AEXS7qM - Bonewidow changes


second, swinging locks you in place while swinging, not allowing movement until the very end of the animation while also locking your movement direction briefly. I'm aware some melee weapon types do that, however they don't require the animation to end completely to allow movement again while Ironbride, even with attack speed mods, feels very slow and way too clunky to be enjoyable.


Third, not much reason to use it over Arquebex due to lower much damage, attack speed and range.

To improve this, improve movement with the ironbride removing the movement lock on the animations and allow free movement while swinging. this would make using and summoning the Ironbride feel far less clunky and better to use. Titanfall 2 is an example of this, the Ronin titan is able to use their sword with little-to-no influence on their movement while still feeling very heavy and powerful.


A second improvement would be to allow quick switching between your archgun and Ironbride, as seen in this post here. This mechanic already exists in the game with quick melee, even works with all exalted melee abilities, why not make it work with Ironbride?

A third improvement would be introducing increased damage on enemies hit by ironbride as well adding a heavy attack, possibly a spin attack. the spin attack increase the range of the weapon much like the fully charged spin attack in Breath of the Wild, ragdoll and pull enemies towards Bonewidow when the ability begins to charge the heavy attack. this change will provide Bonewidow with a new damage ability, some CC and encourages players to use combos.

I'll be honest, I don't think these changes alone make it anywhere near as useful as Arquebex without just straight up nerfing it.

Also while we're here, allow the player to directly switch to the necramech by holding 5. I find it rather annoying needing to go up to the Necramech to switch or needing to move far from my mech in order to control the frame again.

This change would let you choose which one you want to transfer to without needing to take into account your distance between frame and mech.

aight I think that's all.

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